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I reckon mine’d mostly be baked beans and weetbix


Mine is probably hot chip and lies

RootBeerGuy, avatar

Off to flavour town you go!


A fried balogna sandwich is pretty tasty.


is the balogna fried or the whole sandwich

Fixbeat, (edited )

The balogna is fried. I like it on soft white bread so that you can feel the crispy texture of the balogna.


Don’t forget the mustard! Do you cut your slices in half of just cut out a sliver (to prevent bowing/cupping)? And are you one of those folks that add cheese??


I more like mayo and cheese, but I will have to try mustard. I cut the edges toward the middle like a pie, but not all the way through.


Mustard makes many things great ☺️ But I might also try this mayo and cheese combination you speak of, thank you stranger!

JoMiran, avatar

Instead of Bologna I’d go with depression, existential dread, and anxiety.

I always the end result of something sucking out my soul would me being a content, well adjusted, sociopath.


Me but with tiredness and depression instead of bologna

nifty, avatar

Thanks friend! May all us get some well deserved rest

tsonfeir, avatar

May I please see this list of people and important reasons? (X)

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