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quinacridone, in Untitled n°1 - Analog collage - 2017 [OC]

Hi, great post and really beautiful collage, I’m looking forward to seeing the others in the series

Also do you want to add [OC] to the title so we all know it’s your work?


Hi ! Thanks ! I forgot to put the [oc] yes please.


I can’t edit your post, you’ll need to do it

Click the ‘more’ button located below your username, and click edit to add [OC] to the title


A_Very_Big_Fan, in 'Star Path' Digital Collage by Jess Gaspar

Very pretty!

Digital_man, in by ffo art

Hauntingly beautiful.


You should check out the link to their work on tumblr, lots of vintage style collage, although a lot of them feature anatomical prints, so proceed with caution if that could be an issue

mickoal, in 'Re-Construct XXV' by Wallace Polsom

Cool dog


I think it’s a horse…

quinacridone, in Untitled n°6 - Analog collage - 2017 [OC]

I love these posts of yours, lots of little details to find when I zoom in, and also the fact that they’re all linked together into such an interesting series

Top notch work 👍


I love these posts of yours, lots of little details to find when I zoom in, and also the fact that they’re all linked together into such an interesting series

Top notch work 👍

thank you very much, I’m glad you like it, the first ones were in poor quality but the next ones are more detailed and artistically more interesting :)

quinacridone, in [OC] Untitled n°8 - Analog Collage - 40x40 - 2018

Love the teal/turquoise in this one!


thanks mate :)

Catoblepas, in 'Solar butterfly' by Mariano Peccinetti

This does some kind of wild ass dance when I scroll. Not sure if it’s intended but it’s neat.

tillimarleen, (edited )

I guess that’s the butterfly?


🤦‍♂️ Now I see it! It just looked like a hall to me before.


op art was all about optical illusions 🙈

reddig33, in 'Solar butterfly' by Mariano Peccinetti

Are collages the visual equivalent of songs that use sampling?

dipshit, in 'Travelling by Road' by Toni Hearn Collage

One day I would like to go to collage.

ULS, in 'Nomad' by Frank Moth


Hux, in 'riverside' by Jess Gaspar
GratefullyGodless, in 'Mind Movements' by Nat Girsberger avatar

Definite 60s Sci fi movie poster vibes here.

Diabolo96, in 'Woooo' by John Turck

This feels like an ad for some kind of dog treat.

For some reason I imagine it with a big heart and " They deserves only the best" written in big white letters at the top center of the image, but at the bottom, hidden with an unreadable tiny font, is also written : This product may contain traces of human and animal waste. It may also contains human meat, toxic chemicals/non digestable products such as plastic, Styrofoam,etc in small quantities. All in concordance with the LEGAL LIMITS set by the country laws. DoggyTreat&co™ is in no way reliable in any case of animal injury, sickness or death caused by consuming the product.


He’s certainly looking chipper if he’s being powered by human meat, plastics and poop…unless his farts are so bad he’s about to break orbit


People usually say their Dog farts smells like death so it checks out !

The magical keywords is “Within LEGAL LIMITS”. I mean, even all chocolate contains crushed roachs “within LEGAL LIMITS” lol

Annoyed_Crabby, in 'Ophelia, 2023, 16.5 x 11.6 inches' by Lola Dupre

Fun Box Square Cat

littlebluespark, in 'Loosing Sense of Gravity' by David Delruelle avatar



It’s how he spelt it on his website… I have recently started to add [sic] whenever I copy/paste grammatical errors

spoilerThis one slipped me by tho

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