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Computer and some music that fits the mood.

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A sunny afternoon in a brightly-lit room where I get to sit wherever, including at a piano that I can play at my leisure.


In an everyday situation, getting into my bed, under a blanket with a fan on lol. Sounds counterintuitive but that is my key. Sometimes, I just like to vibe and get out my guitar and jam to some music.

The environment I like the most (but can't do very often), is go to the beach, sit on a balcony and watch the sun rise in the morning...or watch the sun set in the evening.

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I really wish that I knew anymore. Thanks to the pandemic years, the place that was my refuge - my bedroom - has become anything but. It's my office, my bedroom, my every room, and in no small part, also a prison.

The places where I've felt most at peace in 2023 have been those places where I am least needed to be myself. Local restaurants, and other public places like that, where I'm able to be in public without needing to meaningfully engage with others. It's a strange sense of relaxation that also sets off my anxiety sometimes, but it's the best I have.


Steady rain, with some kind of cover. Covered porch, tent, tarp, umbrella…nothing can beat it


Interesting. I like rain, but I usually stay indoors. I'll need to try out your idea someday.


It’s still nice indoors if you can hear it, but for me nothing beats being out there and feeling it

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Getting home from work on Friday and going straight to my den, firing up my PC or PS5, grabbing some beer and an edible, and playing games all night either by myself or online with my closest friends. I do it nearly every Friday and it totally melts away the stress of the week. It's the smallest bedroom in our house but I managed to comfortably fit all my gear in there, and bought a couch from Ikea that pulls out into a full bed and has storage for blankets under the chaise. I also have a bunch of colorful throw pillows from World Market all over the couch. I sink in and don't move all night.

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