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Oof and thanks for the info

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I really think I'd just want junk food... I doubt I could stomach a proper meal anyways if I'm about to die. I think some homemade chocolate chip cookies with a salty snack like cheez-its.

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That sounds like a tasty combo !

Nepenthe avatar

Do you think death row would be enough to make my aunt release any one of the family recipes? Ideally, I would have chosen to go out on the standard dinners from when I wasn't an adult struggling to afford pop tarts, but I really don't think my imminent demise would be enough. I think my last meal would just be one of her ears or something as they cart me away

Saturdaycat avatar

Wow ears as in, pig ears, corn ears, elephant ears, or human ears? Now I'm really curious one of these childhood meals consisted of!

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