Matrix chat for m/chat. For friendly casual discussion, feel free to join up! The link is in the sidebar, check this thread for details.

The topic of conversation is general, friendly civil discussion. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you're unfamiliar with Matrix- the process of joining is fairly simple. Follow the prompts on the invite link below and create an account/join.

Element seems to be the main software to access Matrix chats at this point in time. It's available on desktop through your browser or in a native client if you want to download it. If you're on mobile you may need to check out the Element app. Look forward to seeing you there!

Please keep in mind that this is a brand new chat so it likely will be moderately paced for the moment but it would still be awesome if you stick around.

Invite link:

Why not go with/add a Discord?
For the moment our community is still growing and I have no intention of splitting what will be a modestly paced chat into two. Matrix does well to fit the federated ethos here, so I have decided to go with it for now. If you've never used Matrix, give it a try- I hadn't either before creating this chat.


You just want to talk about the Matrix? You must be even more bored than I am

boolean avatar

looks pretty empty. update! I found a human!


Bom diaa.. eu queria saber,se mesmo sem o Element( desinstalei faz muito tempo) ainda continuo recebendo mensagens pelo meu email.. isso é normal?


This is a good chat. I recommend.

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