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Interests: In general my interests are gaming, cars, and art! I'm going to be primarily interacting with artwork on Mastodon, however, as I'd like a place to curate my artwork and still own it myself.

What you post: I post my original art! I'm going to post fanart from gaming and anime, my own original content, and work in progress content for a visual novel that I'm the key artist for.

Username: my username is @Supernyamo

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hi! i’m relatively new to mastodon and the fediverse in general, but i’m excited to grow my list of interesting people to follow!

my interests include, but are not limited to: art, literature/poetry, technology (particularly computer hardware and some veeeery basic programming stuff just because i think it’s neat), science, space (both real and in the context of sci-fi), cats, and politics (left-leaning would be a bit of an understatement).

it’s tough to say what i post, because it varies day to day. generally just whatever i come across that interests me. i wouldn’t say i’m a particularly prolific poster in general, but i do like to boost things that i think are cool.

no pressure to follow, but i am on there as @mishamouse

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I don't know if I'd label myself as all that interesting or not, but I have been wanting to interact with more people on Mastodon more regularly.

  • Interests: Technology (Microsoft especially), Design, working on personal or open-source dev projects, photography (beginner), music, cooking, and a few other random things here and there.
  • What I post: Mostly tech-related stuff right now, though I'm wanting to diversify and post more about my life and other interests.
  • Username: @BenjMathis1
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I'm mostly starting from scratch on Mastodon. I had an account on that had many followers/people that I followed years ago, but closed it to take a hiatus from social media for awhile, personal reasons. Recently I discovered a good instance and signed up again, but I only follow like 20 people. Would be nice to network with more people as well.

Interests: Vinyl, electric guitar, music discovery, tech and general chit-chat.
What you post: Mainly vinyl and general chit-chat. Sometimes I share music I find if it really hits me right. Sometimes I boost photography.
username: @east

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I did the same. I had a fairly large following but for some reason I decided to get rid of my internet accounts, Mastodon was one of them. Last week, I got in contact with the admin who recovered my account but... my social graph was gone. Oh well.

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Thanks for the add, look forward to checking out your updates for sure! Sorry to hear that they social graph was gone, it seems like it's a good thing they were able to recover anything for you though. Sounds like a good administrator for sure.

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Thanks! I love my instance. Since it's part of a paid service (, it shouldn't go anywhere any time soon as well.

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