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I don't have the money to maintain either


I gave the 70th upvote, RIP 69 upvotes o7

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You now what "boat" stands for, right Hank? Stands for "Fix it again, Tony".


I love you


And I love you, random citizen!

Lilkev avatar

You're thinking of a Fiat, Dale


Fucking Idiots Assembled This?

vyvanse avatar

Lol I feel that. You don’t want a boat, you want a friend with a boat

Verity_kindle avatar

I would much rather go broke trying to maintain a boat, I could sail around in style until it sank under me, Jack Sparrow-style. Cars just run out of gas or oil or coolant or whatever- no style there.


Plus imagine the cool stories you can tell your friends about that one time an Orca took out your amazing sail boat.

spicy_biscuits avatar

Oh like if I had to choose one or the other of course I'm picking boat. Style points, way more fun, going out on the water, hell yeah

beefcat avatar

Fancy car, it's not even close.

Simply storing and maintaining a whole boat is way more of a logistical nightmare than I ever want to deal with for a supposed "leisure" activity. And that's before we get into the cost.

CharlesReed avatar

If it's a given that I have enough money to afford maintenance and insurance, I'd go with fancy car. At first I thought I'd go with the boat, since I live near a couple of busy bodies of water, but I'm not sure I'd want to go through the hassle of setting up a business with just one boat.

NotABearJustAHuman avatar

I'd like an old school pirate ship


chilling on a boat in the middle of the ocean sounds pretty cozy to me, you can't get that same peace and quiet on a road


Yeah you might get in trouble chilling on a boat in the middle of the road.


Not as much trouble as you'd get in chilling in a car in the middle of the ocean.

HubertManne avatar

can the boat be a houseboat and conversley can the car be an RV?


Oh shit good question. Tricked out RV wins the day for me if that's an option.

Saturdaycat avatar

You can modify them however you like with your own funds!

And Yep fancy RV and fancy houseboat counts

livus avatar

Okay and can we let people rent/charter them in exchange for money?

HubertManne avatar

ok I will take car then which in my case would be a decked out 4 wheel drive sportsmobile. Im tempted to choose a super yacht but even for free I likely could not afford to upkeep it. You would need to pay a crew. Anything small enough boat wise to afford and I would rather have the sportsmobile.

Saturdaycat avatar

Yep fancy RV and fancy houseboat counts

norbert avatar

This is important; if I live on the houseboat then that seems like an obvious answer but if I can't, I'll get far more use out of a car. A boat is just a logistics problem unless it's where I live.

VoxAdActa avatar

On the other hand, it seems like it would be much easier, when necessary, to hook an RV up to electrical, water, and sewer services, as compared to a houseboat. I guess you could have a deionized water pump, but those are super slow, like on the order of a tablespoon an hour slow. And, anyway, I suspect it's not kosher to just poop off the railing.

Pseu avatar

I figure that there are maintenance and utility hookups for boats, just like there are for RVs. After all, plenty of boats cannot be reasonably removed from the water.


A friend of mine lived on his boat with his girlfriend and their cat. Moored in Seattle. Cost him a third of my rent for moorage + showers + wifi + hookups.


Car for sure. Can't sell it but sure as fuck can insure it ... and ain't no one stealing a boat


100% the car.

You can get a fancy and expensive car that is still relatively reliable and affordable to maintain. You can park the fanciest car in a relatively affordable parking space. At which point you can always rent it out for weddings or events, drive it yourself, earn a little extra.

A fancy boat is in an entirely different league when it comes to maintenance and mooring costs. Especially if it's on salt water.

Worst case scenario: the car rots in a garage.

Worst case scenario: the boats bankrupts you.

ChrisFhey avatar

Car. No question. I live nowhere near any body of water large enough for a boat, and I get seasick like something else.

LollerCorleone avatar

If I can't sell it, a boat serves me no real purpose. And I don't currently own a car of my own and only have a bike. So I will get a car.

dill avatar

Honestly probably the car

Arotrios avatar

If it's a houseboat, then the boat. Otherwise I'll get more use out of the car.

Saturdaycat avatar

Yes it can be a house boat :)


I would choose the boat then I could turn it into a floating garden.


Car. Lower maintenance. I can more easily store it too

AnonymousLlama avatar

See with a boat that's fancy, it's probably going to be huge like one of those superliners the rich oligarchs have. Where if you have an expensive chair, it's still going to be fundamentally a chair, so then if it's more comfortable it's still pretty small.

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