The photo orientation makes it look like you’re pulling the cat out of your car’s HVAC system.


Thought the same


Yeah I’m not sure why it rotated it when I posted and no idea how to fix that sorry


No reason to apologize! It made the image more eye-catching!

Sirence, avatar

Rotation of an image is stored in the exif data.
When you take an image with your phone in a non upright position the phone will rotate the picture to look like you expect it and write into the exif data.
But the image itself will still be the way it was taken, meaning the data of the image itself is unaltered.

Usually when you send the picture or upload it software will read the exif data and display the image accordingly (rotated). But some sites or some software will ignore or strip the exif data and display the image how it originally looks (non-rotated).


My cats have had phases, ranging from violent as hell to playing and sleeping near each other.

Honestly Idk how violent that other cat was, but isn’t it a bit of an overkill to move her?


I don’t know the previous owners, I just was told that when she was handed in, she was quite injured and took a couple of weeks for her to recover. Because of this, her listing said they recommended a home without any existing cats.

She’s a year and a half old and was handed in a couple of months ago, so I’m assuming they did have her for about a year before they decided to hand her in, but again, I only know what the staff at the pound told me.

Either way I hope to give her a good home now


Oh dear, that’s actually awful. Poor little thing, well I hope she enjoys the new house

Dio, avatar

Congratulations on your new bebe. Or whoever she is going to, haha.

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