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Butthole all over that bred


You just put food directly on dirty surfaces? Do you not have plates?


I wouldn’t necessarily call that a dirty surface. Unless you mean the butthole - that’s ditrty enough.

@NoSpiritAnimal@lemmy.world avatar

I should not have to say this: The window sill is not a food prep surface


Yeah, I don’t think anyone is preparing food there. People can be more or less sensitive about the cleanliness of surfaces they put their own food on and it’s ok.


I dunno, those buttholes get cleaned pretty thoroughly multiple times a day. Probably more thoroughly than most human buttholes. Might actually be cleaner than the window sill.


I respect this answer.


Can’t believe I had to scroll so far.


Ikr I wanna laugh at this and I guess I still can, but my brain keeps going back to this! And also who puts like… a slice of cheese that only partially covers the white bread and that’s how they eat?? With Nothing else?. I just don’t wanna comprehend a world where that’s a thing I guess.


People who have just a small sice of cheese left in the fridge?


Imagine all the slices you did this with that you didn’t notice the cat sat in while you were on a call


Heats up a sandwich for the owner

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Well it’s not technically gone, you could still eat it


You must now flip the cat and see of it lands on its feet or if the toast lands butter side down.


Which begs the question, if this were truly possible what’s more likely, that we as a species decide to farm unlimited energy using cat torture, or the oil industry beats them to it and just exterminates cats while making butter illegal

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The cat, cleaning itself a little later: Hmmm, my butthole tastes especially good today


At least it had the decency too stay on it. Could have sit on it for a minute, walk away and then watch you eat it.


You’re going to give me a fear of leaving food unwatched…


Here’s a better one for ya. If the worst thing you unknowingly put in your mouth, chew, and swallow is a little cat butt. Then, you should consider yourself lucky.

I did pest control for several years. We always said that cats are the worst pest in the house. They stomp around in a box of their own feces and urine. Then they track that all over your counter tops and furniture. They sit on you counters and furniture with a bare butthole.

I mean let’s face it. If you have a cat you’ve more than like put something in your mouth that touched their b-hole even if indirectly.


Cats are dicks…


Seriously, this cat is a Saint Cat


Like seriously. The cat didn’t even think about eating the cheese.


Cat stamp


Coffee stain

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