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Paraponera_clavata, in Why is my cat so anxious?

Sounds like you need to go to a vet.

How do you know anxiety caused the hives? Couldn’t the hives have caused the anxiety? Or couldn’t they be separate?

Take it to a vet, if you haven’t already.


Seriously, you have a pet with a health problem, this is exactly what vets are for. Whether it's a problem that's physical, mental, or environmental, the vet is the one best able to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

favrion, avatar

She’s been anxious for her whole life thus far.


Our anxious cat had her teeth removed (feline resorption) and we noticed she was much bolder while she was on gabapentin to recover from the dental surgery. We talked to the vet and he put her on a daily dose of it. We experimented to find the smallest amount that gave her Courage without making her sleepy. (Having her painful teeth out helped a lot too, but it wasn’t her whole problem.) Now for normal days she gets 25 mixed into one can of food and spread throughout the day, but for a recent airplane trip she had 75 in one small meal before being put in her carrier.


Warms my heart when all the top comments direct the OP to seek professional help.



This. The kitty could be experiencing pain, and cats aren’t like dogs who loudly announce their discomfort. They’re like grumpy old men with stiff upper lips.

I had a cat whom I let be an outdoor cat, and hadn’t taken him to get his last couple shots. He caught feline aids one day and became sort of aggressive to everyone but me. Not like he was very affectionate but still, he isolated himself more and more until the end.


Fyi dogs actually very often hide their pain too.


Really? Damn, all dogs I’ve ever had were very vocal about everything. Might’ve been the breed ig.


Isn’t the theory that animals that show pain are more likely to be attacked by predators because they show signs of weakness. Therefore, they tend to hide it.


Make sense for cats as they’re both predators and preys

lechatron, avatar

Dogs are predators though, I think what you’re talking about applies to herd animals that are prey, predators will pick off the weakest.

I always thought that pack animals abandoned their sick or injured to not slow down the rest of the pack which is why dogs hide injuries. But apparently wolves protect their injured.


African wild dogs take care of their injured too and let them stay behind with the young while the healthy adults hunt ❤️

PugJesus, in Polish city has good taste in cats
PugJesus avatar

Cat lovers in a nutshell!

EdibleFriend, in What will you do if this is your cat? avatar

Wipe with the cat.

popekingjoe, avatar
Lemmylefty, avatar

This is EXACTLY what I thought of.

Turkey_Titty_city, in I think I found an abandoned cat, what type of cat is this?

I have had weirdos pick up my cat while he is walking behind me when we are outside together and try to take him home. And I'm like 'uh that is my cat, please put him down' and they look at me like I'm a nutcase.

I don't get why people assume a random cat they see outside is a stray or abandoned. Unless it is visibly distressed it's probably just someone's pet. There are a dozen semi-outdoor cats in a 3 block radius of my home.

NeedingvsGetting, in Got a new decoration

I see we have the same decorator!

Your version is gorgeous!


Thank you! Jakken is a very handsome boy.

potterpockets, in Lemmy name my new kitty!!


HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar

Beanifer if you want a long name

Deathsauce, in Everyone meet Beast. He was the most majestic gentleman and lived til 19 years old. Yesterday would've been his 20th birthday but we had to put him down this time last year.
Deathsauce avatar

Majestic indeed! Condolences for your loss OP.

adinfinitum, in Thpoooky

Cat: did you know that only 50% of people can fold their tongue like this?

Me: I didn’t know you could talk.

WaffleFriends, in "Do animals even have emotions?" Cats:
WaffleFriends avatar

Oh my goodness that kitty looks so happy. They’re gazing at you with so much love. Please pet the kitty for me

MothBookkeeper, in This is how Rufus asks for belly rubs. No it's not a trap; he's a cat running on dog software.
MentalEdge, in Apparently it’s time for breakfast avatar

It’s also time for lunch, and a small snack, later, it will also be time for a small snack, and also breakfast again. Maybe some dinner.


Cats can have little a salami as a treat.

originalucifer, in Jaimie Boots, destroyer of couches. avatar

ive got an orangebraincell in the same union


So that’s where it is, I don’t think he has ever had possession of the brain cell.

m3t00, in Doom scrolling avatar
LostWon, in Every damn time!

How thoughtful! They know you’ll be needing some of their companionship during your trip, even if only in the form of fur left behind.

Aevironis, (edited ) in Authentic cat toy recommendations? avatar

I’ve got a ton of stuff to share that I’m just throwing out unorganized. So sorry for the huge post.

Do your future self a favor and try to buy a cat tree that isn’t fully covered in carpet. They either quickly get shredded and look awful, or the cat hair becomes embedded in the carpet and is impossible to properly vacuum off.

!!A few quick examples of my preferred type are:

1.Frisco 47.5-in Modern Cat Tree

2.SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, 32"

3.cardboard scratchers

4.Expensive option. Refined feline Lotus Cat Tower. Has replaceable carpet and sisal pads. Mine is currently going on 5-6 years old and is in perfect condition.

You can also sometimes buy carpet squares at Menards, Lowe’s, etc for under 2$. I cut them with scissors to size and use rug tape to hold them on the cat trees.

Chewy has a sale right now buy 100$ get a 30$ gift card back.


My cat loves the Frisco Colorful Springs

A automatic toy like Potaroma 3in1 Hide and Seek.

Penn-plax or Hartz mini mice

Wand toys

Cat tunnels

One of my cats is obsessed with those pool/beach foam water balls. Like Water Bomb Splash Balls or also called Splash bombs

Silvervine sticks for chewing. It’s kind of like catnip.

A long sheet of brown packing paper crumpled up. Mine hide in it and jump around crunching the paper. Chewy frequently puts in a big sheet as padding when I order from them.

Boxes whole or with fun shapes cut in them.

Plastic bottle caps

Cat window perches with the suction cups are really nice. I’ve got double stacked ones in 3 of my windows and all of my cats love them.

!!Water fountain

Try to buy a metal or ceramic pet water fountain. Cats prefer running water, but I also provide a regular metal bowl of water too in case the power goes off or the fountain pump plugs up.

I’ve got Oiwliur Cat Water Fountain that I like right now

Petsafe and pioneer also make metal fountains

Plastic food/water dishes harbor bacteria more easily.


I recommend unscented cat litter. Fresh step unscented or PetSmart brand Great Choice unscented

A litter genie XL or similar type litter/diaper pail makes scooping the cat litter less of a chore.

!!Miscellaneous cat owner info

Watch your shoestrings around the cat. I had one cat that would chew them off the shoes. We ended up with a 500$ vet bill twice in his 12 years of life because he swallowed them and they got stuck. Also, if your cat ever has a string coming out of them, do not pull it out. We never did, but the vet stressed to us strongly that it was a bad idea to do it ourselves. Hair ties and rubber bands are just as dangerous as shoestrings.

If you have window blinds with pull strings, then make sure the strings are up on the curtain rod out of reach. We lost a cat that way when I was a little kid.

Feliway or Comfort Zone sprays can help with anxiety or destructive scratching. The diffusers are okay, but I had one overheat and won’t use them again.

Microchip your cat and follow through with registering it with the chip maker and the free pet registries. I found a cat last year that had been missing for months who I quickly returned, even though the owner had moved, only because of the microchip.

This link has a list of registries to add the microchip info to. Some of them are free others are paid. I’d just worry about the free ones. I think I’ve only done mine with 24PetWatch, 911PetChip, FindPet, and HomeAgain (the maker of my pet microchips).

Also, HomeAgain tries to make you think you need to pay yearly, but you don’t. That’s just for the extra features that aren’t worth it. If you end up with one of their chips you can register with them and keep your info in there forever even if you don’t pay the fee.

Enjoy your new cat!!!

LunchEnjoyer, avatar

Wow! Thanks for the detailed response, although I’m not based in the US, I’m sure I could find some similar things to what you mentioned. Thanks a lot 🌼

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