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Uhh, I work for myself and love the fact that I have a variable work schedule. So I’m harming myself with my freedom?


Nah you are good, it is those expected to do a week of day shift then flip to nights and back with no transition. Those folks sleep is messed up and being on a night shift wrecks social networks if everyone else is on days, etc. Having your own flexi work schedule that suits you is best


Lol between that, decades of overwhelming stress and poverty wages, our generation will have either no time or no money to enjoy pension age.

If born as working class, you’re 99,99% gonna die working class unless you marry rich or win a lottery.

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Does anyone get to choose their work schedule? Particularly as a young adult? You and I work when and for as long as we are told until we retire (ha) or die.

Maybe there should be laws in place to protect people from this kind of bullshit.

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The laws are for the rich and powerful, not us.


Worked nights for 7 years from the age of 18… Biological clock defaults to 3am-noon regardless of timezone. Anything happening in the AM results in me being a zombie. Trouble getting to sleep before midnight… I’ve lost jobs over this. Wasn’t a problem before I took that job…


I kinda get it, I had an overnight job at home Depot in and a hospital all thru college and for a while after. I can keep a good sleep schedule with habits and routine, but if I can’t keep that up (illness, stress) I still revert to overnight schedule.

corsicanguppy, (edited )

My dad had 4 side-hustles in 1983 in addition to his full-time job. In the days of paper calendars he still kept it straight.

He’s 80 now.

Survivor bias, but, yeah. His dad was a farmer and cropduster and lived to 93.

It may be generational. I don’t know that I’ll see 70 . But, then again, I’m in I-T where evening work seems to be the norm. ;-)


I-T? As in IT?

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