32% of people are dumb as shit.

This tracks with my personal experiences.

TheDonkerZ, avatar

One company owns a vast amount of all grocery stores in Canada.

So sure, it may not be the “grocery stores” individually, it’s sure as shit on their holding company.



~50% of grocery inflation can be attributed to increase profits, and grocery chains profits are larger than ever:…/grocery-price-analysis-1.6774669

If only 32% of people are blaming grocery stores, 68% need to rethink their stance.

PuddingFeeling907, avatar

This is why passing school lunches for school children will help as it will be the provinces negotiating the prices.

psvrh, avatar

More likely the (conservative) provinces will just give a sweet single-source contract to Aramark or Sodexo in exchange for either a kickback for their own businesses, and/or a post-career board of director appointment.


I’m surprised and disappointed the percentage isn’t higher than that, but these polls tend to have skewed sample groups anyway.

FreeBooteR69, avatar

I want a grocery store that doesn’t require you to join their shitty club to get lower prices.


Give them all fake info. Fuck em.

nik282000, avatar

The app on your phone provides all the tracking info they need.


What do you mean? Like if you also install their app on your phone?

nik282000, avatar

If you have an app on your phone like PC points or whatever, you can give it all the fake info you want but they will be able to figure exactly who you are by correlating other information.


Maybe some of them require it? I haven’t encountered that requirement for a store membership myself though.

Xatolos, avatar

DuckDuckGo app tracking protection is your friend in these situations.


Sounds like a great market situation for Aldi or Lidl to expand into!


Lidl has the most expensive vegetables in my area


Just to point out in respective of at least “Loblaw” they own a lot more than just grocery stores and just using the profit margin is not a absolute indicator of how profitable they truly are.

Loblaw Companies>George Weston Limited>Wittington Investments, Limited

Report regarding grocery inflation.

We know very little of what is going on in food processing, transportation, and at other companies who participate in the food industry. A proper investigation led by the Competition Bureau of Canada would shed some light on practices in the industry.


With the level of vertical integration Loblaw has, they could easily be playing a shell game with the various stages the food goes through and just bleeding all the money out.

ivanafterall avatar

I think the reason I blame them is because it's their fault, but I'm not Canadian, so I don't count.


My partner works at a Sobeys doing file maintenance and she does all the price and label changes. She regularly shows me pictures of shrinkflation and price gouging. Some things doubled in price overnight.

It’s crazy and she says it’s a little bit depressing. And unlike a normal shopper, she’s aware of all the deals as well, so that’s nice for us.


Hope you get an employee discount too. I loved that when I worked at Sprouts. Of course they maxed me out at 39.9 hours every week. So I kinda got a discount in lieu of healthcare, but still, I liked the perk


39.9 hours every week

Shit like that is criminal


I’m not Canadian, so I don’t count

If you care about what happens in Canada, that counts for something.


I’m more impressed the numbers are this low.


Who else is to blame ? They set the prices and are making record profits.


Greedlation is real. They go over how a leading economist explains this is solely seller created inflation, and the claim of citizen covid stimulus cheques causing inflation is bogus. And how they all used COVID as cover for price hikes.…/105-stuff-you-should-know-26940277/


This truly sounds pathetic. Although it clearly displays the real power hierarchy.

In February, the House of Commons’ committee that studies food prices urged Loblaw and Walmart to sign on to the grocery code of conduct, or risk having it made law. Both organizations have said they will not sign the code as currently drafted, saying it could raise prices for Canadians.


I suppose oil, though changing to renewables would more than definitely, believe it or not, raise prices as well.

nik282000, avatar

Higher prices means higher tax revenue, more tax at the register and more tax when you work overtime to pay for your groceries.

There is NO incentive for any level of government to reduce grocery prices, or any prices.


Many food actually tend to be exempt from tax…/tax-in-canada-things-that-are-not-ta…

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