You mean to tell me that before ignorant horse-paste cowboys began assaulting medical staff over vaccinations, that we had better access to hospitals and doctors?

COVID + belligerent ‘mah raghts’ losers = doctors quitting = longer waits

What part of the math isn’t sticking after you’ve seen it a thousand times?


I was going to say, what healthcare-centric crisis stands between 2019 and now? It feels like longer waits are an obvious consequence. Not to say that’s all though, it’s not like people are signing up in droves to go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt and work their asses off just to get rewarded with 12 hour hospital shifts where you don’t have enough resources to deal with the number of patients.


And to top it off we’ve been electing conservatives in many provinces who seem hell-bent on gutting healthcare so they can privatise it

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