Suggestions for Merino Wool Tshirts?

My old Merino wool shirts both have a hole now. They were the cheapest Amazon ones I found and sold even cheaper because the label was wrong. I want to buy new ones, but I need suggestions before buying a shirt for 70€ on the internet. I want a loose fit and black colour. Any suggestions for high-quality shirts? I’m in Germany.

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Decathlon? They used to carry somewhat decent wool shirts. The ones I got from there still hold up.


When we were in New Zealand we learned that most of the wool goes to China for processing. So I bought a Merino undershirt from aliexpress. Definitely not as nice as Icebreaker, but the price keeps me warm!


Aw it’s a shame I’m a month late, but for what it’s worth I’m happy with my merino shirt purchase (long sleeve) from Costco. Bought first few @ 15 CAD each then next year caught a 5.97 or 4.97 CAD deal so topped up another 15 or so shirts and just cycle through them. Did the same with their socks when they were on offer, so even though some are wearing out, I have like 30 pairs…chucked 2 pairs so far I think.

Only downside about the shirts was that, the merino wool is not as nice as say Ice breaker and the 2nd year models were 80-85% merino only, now they’re back to 100% again but 25 CAD each.


I would check out Sierra trading post, I get lots of wool stuff there super cheap


Dunno if available in Germany, but check out if t-shirts from Northern Playground are available.

They are a blend between merino wool and silk, with a nice and loose fit. Their tees are my favourite, but also offer longsleeves and grampa shirts, socks, beanies, etc. Sustainable, made in the EU, really great products.


Helly Hansen carries solid Merino wool short and long sleeve, sizing is consistent across the brand and within the measurements offered on the website. Is not 100% wool, but a solid blend that doesn’t itch, has hold shape over time and does not bleed color. Used it during the summer at 37c and dries sweat well, does not stink, and in the cold season at 7-10 c and it was a pleasure to have as a base layer


I don’t know if Merino wool is the best use case for BIFL.

My take on wool: Wear it as long as possible, patch it and recycle or upcycle it when the time comes, and buy something that’s 100% wool instead of having synthetics mixed in, so it can be composted after use.


Unfortunately, in my experience, 100% wool doesn’t last nearly as long as wool blends when it comes to durability. No matter how hard I try, I get small holes and tears within a few months. I’ve had the best experiences with 80% wool blends.


It exists but it’s niche and expensive.

For general use 80/20 is a good bet if you don’t mind the downsides and if you’re not fanatic about natural fibres like me 😄


For merino performance fabrics at least. Look at a microscope picture of merino next to another wool, and you will understand why it’s so soft but why it doesn’t last as long. It doesn’t help that merino t-shirts are really thin usually.

activistPnk, (edited )

The only socks that come with a lifetime warranty are “Darn Tough” and (AFAIK) just one other competing brand. IIRC, both are made of Merino wool.

EDIT: Darn Tough socks are a blend of Merino wool, nylon, and lycra spandex.

In any case, Marino wool must be durable if socks makers are offering a lifetime warranty on it. The only material that I would expect to do better would be aramid (Kevlar™), though that’d be quite pricey since that fabric must be laser cut.


Varusteleka, and you can also get a wool hoodie, wool pants, wool socks, etc.

You can also get shipping by re-pack so the packaging is not wasted either, it goes back to posti for delivery back to businesses.

BIFL shipping packaging haha.

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I second Varusteleka. Great quality and most of their Särmä line is manufactured in Europe


Varusteleka is amazing, I highly recommend them to anyone looking at outdoor gear and wool clothing

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Am I on the right site? Military / outdoors stuff?


Yep, that’s the one. Since they supply military folk, their outdoor stuff is well-designed and durable.


That's right.

They supply their military as well as sell things for civilians.

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Why is it whenever I find a new favorite anything, it’s Finnish? Most of my favorite bands are Finnish, I’m playing Alan Wake II and it’s great, I follow several Finnish comics artists. So much good stuff coming out of Finland.

Anyway, that site is awesome, I’m glad it was shared.

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I like Woolly, also on Amazon


What kind of holes? If the material hasn’t worn out to a thin sheet of nothing, mending is an option too and is even better in terms of BIFL / RRR mentality! Lots of techniques too from easy to decorative to unnoticeable.

Worn out shirts make e.g. great glove liners or tube scarves btw if you have a sewing machine and a few minutes to spare (and are into upcycling.)

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Merino t-shirts are usually pretty thin, I’ve not found a good way to darn them.


True and if they’re the cheapest on amazon, chances are that they will continue to develop holes faster than one can patch them up. I’ve had luck mending a couple of mine although it does require a delicate hand.


I have bought some good quality merino stuff from

Also in Germany

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From the US I’ve bought from both Icebreaker and Wool and Prince. Expensive and not as durable as regular shirts but wow they are great for me in both warm and cold weather.

I’m curious on other true merino wool sources.

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