Rhenus Logistics India- Empowering Businesses through Warehouse company in India

Rhenus Logistics India stands as a stalwart in the logistics industry, offering unparalleled solutions for businesses across India. With a robust infrastructure and unwavering commitment, Rhenus Logistics India efficiently handles the intricate logistics needs of diverse enterprises. The company's expertise spans freight forwarding, warehousing, and supply chain management. Within its expansive repertoire, Rhenus Logistics India excels particularly as a warehouse company in India, providing state-of-the-art storage facilities and streamlined distribution channels. Seamlessly integrating technology and operational excellence, Rhenus Logistics India ensures swift and secure movement of goods, empowering businesses to thrive in the dynamic marketplace.

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Gainax, known for producing the popular anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion," said Friday that it filed for bankruptcy at Tokyo District Court on May 29.

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I'm worried this will just be the beginning.

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Automaker Suzuki will halt production of cars and trucks in Thailand by the end of next year to focus resources on producing electric and hybrid vehicles elsewhere, the company said Friday. #business #companies #suzuki #cars #trucks #carmakers #electricvehicles #hybrids #thailand

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Lifetime disposable income for households with wives who continue working post-childbirth is ¥167 million higher than that for those who quit work and stay unemployed, a government estimate has shown.

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Bringing National Small Bussiness Month to an end today, i'm wondering if you have a favorite local business you support? What are the best places to grab food and shop?!
#localbusiness #smallbusiness #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #local #handmade #supportlocalbusiness #shopsmall #business


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The European Union faces a delicate balancing act as it prepares to rev up taxes on Chinese electric cars to protect European industry, even as it aims to get more Europeans to drive such cars ahead of a ban on the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars.

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Woohoo! I've caught up with 2024! I've moved my & the site for the (I'm the list owner) from being "http" to being secure "https" sites. Yes, I took a long time, but now ... YAY!

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@KOKEdit 🥳

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Thank you, @ianRobinson!


CARF- Essential Guide to Choosing a Cancer Care Foundation

Choosing the right Cancer Care Foundation in India is crucial for patients and families facing the challenges of cancer treatment. Consider factors like accreditation, multidisciplinary expertise, infrastructure, treatment modalities, support services, research involvement, patient feedback, affordability, and accessibility. Each patient's journey is unique, so prioritize personalized and compassionate care tailored to your specific needs. With comprehensive guidance, you can navigate the complexities of cancer treatment with confidence and resilience, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your journey ahead.

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🆕 blog! “Is it rude to make a profit from your friends?”

You're in a restaurant with a group of friends. The waiter won't let you split the bill, so you offer to pay for it on your card and have your friends send you their share. How much would you charge them for that service? That sounds absurd, right? OK, you might agree to split the […]

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@Edent when splitting bills it is usually somewhere abroad and I save a cash point fee in acquiring cash .

Edent, avatar

@ianturton what did you think about the rest of the blog post?

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Which of these do you think is more likely to get bought:

  • Humane
  • Peloton

Which has more short term value?
Which has more potential?

davemark, avatar

@Drwave Sounds right. Can’t fathom that the money folks allowed this to play out this way.

Drwave, avatar

@davemark Making products is like making movies. Nobody sets out to make a bad one; but most are not great.

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"The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) vote to ban noncompete agreements is set to have an outsized impact on the health care sector, empowering clinicians and raising anxiety among private practices who worry it will compound staffing problems...The rule is set to go into effect on Sep. 4, though the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has already sued to stop it."

#healthcare #business #labor #doctors #physicians

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Spotify brique des milliers d’accessoires, sans aucun remords
Spotify a annoncé la fin du support de son Car Thing, ce qui équivaut a balancer des tonnes de materiel fonctionnel à la poubelle.... #minimachines #business #écologie

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Carlyle Group raised ¥430 billion ($2.8 billion) for its fifth Japan buyout fund, adding to signs of investor interest in the country despite a gloomy fundraising climate for private equity firms globally. #business #carlylegroup #investments

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When in #Japan I'd rather eat passable yakitori or karaage than regular #KFC - all the more now and in the future!

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@br00t4c he would never take the stand. He’d self destruct in 60 seconds! 🎃🦶

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My experience has been that VCs are pattern-matchers, who spent the last 15 years finding founders and models which subverted any inefficient, good-faith system, abstracted away inefficiencies with code, and relied on the repeated use of the to generate some free , which was the justification for the book value, that would be used to offload the speculative asset to public , or subsequent .


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