REDDIT IS TURNING MODS AGAINST MODS: Asks other mods who want to reopen to REPLACE top mods of private subreddits

Reddit is trying to turn mods against mods.

Here’s the note Reddit sent to moderators threatening them if they don’t reopen:

“If there are mods here who are willing to work towards reopening this community, we are willing to work with you to process a Top Mod Removal request or reorder the mod team to achieve this goal if mods higher up the list are hindering reopening. We would handle this request and any retaliation attempts here in this modmail chain immediately.

Our goal is to work with the existing mod team to find a path forward and make sure your subreddit is made available for the community which makes its home here. If you are not able or willing to reopen and maintain the community, please let us know.”

So, they will remove top mods who are for being private, but keep the many top mods who keep their subs open despite their members and other mods wanting to join the protest? Mhm, okay, Regreddit.


it's fire all the way down.

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