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Christian that talks too much, and compulsively over-shares.

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Brooklyn-based. Writer (by hand). Photographer (with film). Art, cinema, and literature enthusiast. Urbanism and community. I post about all these things. And shitpost about other things. Unapologetic leftist.

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Touchstone is your gateway to English language proficiency! Our institute offers tailored courses designed to prepare students for success in the IELTS exam. With experienced instructors, personalized support, and state-of-the-art resources, we provide a nurturing environment for learners to achieve their goals. Join: Best Institute For Ielts In Chandigarh

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Words go here

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I live in beautiful South Carolina, USA. I work in #HigherEd #IT as a Business Analyst working with #EllucianColleague. Fan of #Fantasy like #TheWheelOfTime and #SciFi like #RevelationSpace. Admin of

Fedi account bridging to Bluesky.


I'm a Blind, and gay, author and essayist. Former journalist turned Romance writer. I have a literary agent, and freaking love cats and diverse audiobooks and fiction podcasts. avatar


🯁🯂🯃🮲🮳 ← If you can see this, you are cool.

Tech nerd with social capabilities. Enjoys simulation games, pen and paper roleplaying, drinking beer and messing with technology while listening to Hatsune Miku.

Engine programmer of We Are Football at

#flightsim #aviation #penandpaper #pathfinder #tabletop #ttrpg #linux #steamdeck #selfhosting #postmarketos #cplusplus #cpp #opengl #simd #hatsunemiku #vocaloid #anime #archlinux
searchable #fedi22

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