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Speculater, in Favorite Tina Quote

“In this economy!?” When Tina is trying to act like an adult.

cybervseas, in Bob's Burgers is the most accurate depiction of a happy marriage on TV. I love it. (xpost from /c/LemmyBeWholesome)

And unlike Bluey, the parents don’t seem to be magically wealthy with infinite spare time for the kids. They have to make tradeoffs and sacrifices, and we see that.

owatnext, avatar

I know this is like months later, but Bluey is centered around short seven minute segments of their lives. It is more of a highlight reel, less of a play-by-play of the day. Bluey’s parents are also not without their flaws. I could go on about this forever. I love that show.


There’s literally an episode where Bandit has to go to work and the kids are begging him not to. There’s another one where he’s away for a while and they portray the longing the children have for his return. Chilly is regularly at work during the show. What are you on about?


Oh? Tell me who got the chocolate ice cream.

Bluefalcon, in Bob's Burgers is the most accurate depiction of a happy marriage on TV. I love it. (xpost from /c/LemmyBeWholesome)

I would say the perfect society.

Assman, in Damned machines avatar

Bastards limited self checkout to ten items and I’ll never forgive them

Bonehead, in I told you damn it

As a delivery driver, it's just force of habit. Even if you put a note on your order, we've just done the same thing 20 times before we get to your house. It's automatic. Better to put a sign on your door. Maybe say you have a sleeping baby or something and you don't want to wake them up. That way hopefully we see the note as we're about to knock.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Yeah I totally get that and I’m not actually mad at anyone who does it. It’s just annoying, you know? But it’s not like there are robots coming to deliver stuff to my house, it’s humans. It’s fine.


Completely understandable. But for those of us that would prefer to avoid interacting with people, playing into human nature can help. We'll forget the note in the package the second it's been scanned and ready to deliver. We'll usually stop and read the note on the door at eye level just before we knock. A little social engineering can go a long way.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

It’s a good tip for sure. Tbh it’s not annoying enough to not just open the door or answer the call because I’m usually very hungry.

MashedTech, in I told you damn it


ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Please leave me alone Mr doordash


knock knock

agent_flounder, avatar

hides under blankets


footsteps approaching

“I wonder where you could be…” playful tone

pretending not to notice the obvious hiding spot

“Is someone under there?”

lifting blanket

“Found you”

Anticorp, in I told you damn it

So weird. I get really upset that they don’t knock or ring the bell. I can easily miss a phone notification and then my food sits out there getting cold and soggy. IDC if they wait or not, but I need to know that the food has arrived and the easiest way for them to notify me is to spend 2 seconds reaching out and ringing the doorbell. It’s easy and costs them nothing, but only about 1 out of 20 will actually do that despite explicit instructions to do so.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Tbh what’s worse is when they fucking call because they can’t find your apartment but then they’re standing literally outside your door.

Ringing the doorbell and leaving is fine, but if I’ve specifically instructed no contact waiting at the door or calling (when they’ve made no effort to look) is pretty annoying.


It seems that they’re just going to do whatever the opposite of our requests is. Try telling them to ring the bell. That’s what I do and they almost never do it.

ObviouslyNotBanana, avatar

Should ask them to ring the bell, and explain that I want to talk for approximately 20 minutes about jesus.


That aughta do it.

agent_flounder, avatar

This is where the doorbell cam comes in handy. Plus I can know when they left so I can avoid any chance of human interaction!

LordKitsuna, in It's not that complicated guys

I solve this problem by just having one of the really big countertop air fryers AKA overly hyped but infinitely convenient countertop convection ovens

I’m able to fit two full size sides in that glorious thing freeing up more oven space

GlitterInfection, in It's not that complicated guys

Such a weird coincidence. I’m whating the retirement home Thanksgiving episode right now and scroll pasr this.

Bishma, in It's not that complicated guys avatar

Bob’s schedules are so efficient they allow him to make 2 thanksgiving dinners one year, and improvise on fly for a whole retirement home another. We just have to keep him away from absinthe and Pepe Silva will get fed.


He had a daytime whiskey adventure and still had a Thanksgiving plan during a turkeypocalypse. The man has a gift for food planning like Gene can tablescape.


As a woman… The Menstruraunt was ahead of it’s time and fine feminist culture. If Gene does that again in college, he’ll be set for life.

…though I did like Period Piece a lot better.

TardisBeaker, in I found a Bleakin Bob at Target!

Great but why is he sitting on something so dirty? Poor Bob.

Bishma, in I found a Bleakin Bob at Target! avatar

Now you just need Teddy in a Santa lawn ornament.

Ashyr, in I found a Bleakin Bob at Target!

It’s so beautiful.

MimicJar, in S14E11 - Mission Impossi-Bob - Discussion

“It’s kinda of a metaphor for humanity if you don’t think about it.”

Linda is as wise as Bob is smart.

Bishma, in S14E11 - Mission Impossi-Bob - Discussion avatar

spoilerI like thed Bob and Teddy storyline, but the Beefhemoth was kind of throw-away. Bob hitching up his pants before lifting the sheet metal was a nice touch.

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