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Jakdracula, in Turkey legs i smoked last weekend avatar

You’re not supposed to smoke them, you’re supposed to eat them.


Idk dude those things look so good I’d probably smoke them too if I was offered to


Take your upvote and head to c\dadjokes!

ummthatguy, in New year day baby backs avatar

Those are some purdy ribs. Solid smoke ring and I hope they were eaten shortly after slicing. While I’m not much for baked beans, those hearty chunks of ham have me thinking otherwise. A beautiful spread altogether and I need to locate that IPA.


Thanks! The beans are black eyed peas, supposed to bring luck in the coming year… Not a big fan of baked beans, myself… too much sugar. We use the leftover ham from Christmas to use in the beans. Works out great.

The IPA is a local brewery (Redmond, WA). It’s available in all the Kroger’s around here… not sure about outside the PNW.

And yea… those ribs did not last long…

profdc9, in Smoked a goose

How much preparation time does it require?

TheGiantKorean, avatar

About 24hr or so to dry brine it and let the skin dry out in the fridge (optional step, you could just season it and put it right in the smoker). I used my grill, so I also had to start up a fire and get it up to temp as well, which took around an hour. After that it’s just monitoring the temp occasionally, and I took it out about twice to remove the goose fat in the pan.

specseaweed, in Smoked a goose

What are you gonna do with 4 cups of duck fat? I don’t get that much rendered fat from my brisket trim. That’s a ton.

TheGiantKorean, avatar

Potatoes! Not sure what else I can do with it, but I’ll think of something. It tastes awesome.


Do the Eastern European thing:

mrspaz, in Smoked a goose

Looks delicious. I like goose, but we have several people in the family that won’t even touch the dark meat from a chicken, so goose is off the table. :(

TheGiantKorean, avatar

Thank you! Wow seriously? How come? Dark meat is the best.


A mystery to you and me both. They just can’t be convinced!

AFKBRBChocolate, in Smoked a goose

Looks fantastic!

TheGiantKorean, avatar

Thank you!

TheGiantKorean, in Dry Brined, Herb Rubbed, Oak Smoked Turkey. It. Was. Perfect. avatar

Looks fantastic. Need to try a turkey soon!

I’m a big fan of breaking the turkey down into white and dark meat, since they’re done at different temps. Turchetta for the breast, deboned + stuffed for the leg quarters.

Treczoks, in Dry Brined, Herb Rubbed, Oak Smoked Turkey. It. Was. Perfect.

Looks good enough to eat ;-)

But what I’m really waiting for are the applications for the “Deep Fried Turkey Failure of the Year” video.

protokaiser, in Dry Brined, Herb Rubbed, Oak Smoked Turkey. It. Was. Perfect.

Looks delicious. How does the skin come out? I’ve heard it’s rubbery, but never smoked one myself.

LifeInOregon, (edited )

If you do smoke it too low the skin can turn out rubbery. You’re looking for temps around 250-275° and raising it to about 350° for the last 30 minutes or so. I also pull the bird off the smoker at 158°, and I don’t tent it while resting.

Also, and this sounds counterintuitive, but five years (and about a dozen turkeys smoked) has proven it true: don’t baste. If you dry brine the turkey, basting it during cooking doesn’t make the meat juicier, it just makes the skin gummier. A dry brined, smoked turkey will be plenty juicy if not basted.

xantoxis, in Dry Brined, Herb Rubbed, Oak Smoked Turkey. It. Was. Perfect.

Nice, but it just makes me think “damn the lengths people will go to so the world’s worst poultry tastes decent”


Wild turkey and/or small farm raised turkey is delicious. They’re smaller (this one was right about 10lbs), but they are significantly more flavorful.

Che_Donkey, avatar

No way, turkey is a lot tastier than chicken, it’s just the commercial breeding/farming has taken the flavor out of everything in the US. Once you leve those boarders (or know small farmers) you find it has a very robust flavor compared to the frozen bowling balls currently on offer.


Or just go turkey hunting, one of the most popular sports in the country. Wild turkey tastes worlds different than farmed.

Commercial farming is all about feeding as many people as possible for as cheap as possible. Not about taste or quality. That’s why you can get a turkey on sale for under $1 per pound, and even cheaper on sale after the holidays. I got two of them earlier this year after the new year for 27 cents per pound when they were trying to get rid of them.


If turkey tasted better than chicken, there would be a turkey aisle instead of a chicken aisle.


We would rather chickens be larger than turkeys be smaller.


Turkeys suck so bad they use them to sell canned green beans.


The only way to commercialize eating turkeys is to tell consumers they don’t have to eat salad.


Settlers committed genocide and all I got was this shitty bird.

Che_Donkey, avatar

Where I live in the regular supermarkets there is a variety of meat: turkey (fresh, tenderloins, breast, sliced leg meat), lamb, pork, 2 types of chicken (regular and “corral” which has a much better flavor), a little bit of beef, duck (breasts, foie gras, smoked duck breast), couple different styles of sausage, on and on…this is the regular supermarket too, not a specialty one. Its just that in the US you get Walmart Grade Beef, Chicken, Pork…and thats about it.


There are plenty of places to buy good meat in the US, but many people don’t bother looking. I live in a small town, and we have a butcher shop that works with local farmers and provides everything you listed above. You’re correct about the threat that Walmart and other national chains (Krogers is the worst, honestly) that have “out competed” small businesses so they can put the cheapest three meats of the lowest acceptable quality in front of people at “value prices”.

Che_Donkey, avatar

Absolutely. Growing up it didn’t used to be this way, but now the shareholders must feast while plebs get the feedback pigs. On the other hand, the US dodged a bullet with not approving (most of) the importation of meats and poultry processed in China…could you imagine even lower standards than what is on the market now (and probably laced with a little led flavor enhancers).


So you see my point, but it upsets you. Should I also list my availability of meats?

Che_Donkey, avatar

Who is upset? Saddened a bit, but not upset.

Plibbert, in Smoked Sichuan style ribs done on my Big Green Egg

Smoke Sichuan?!?! God damnit how are Koreans so much better at bbq?!?!

Looking up this recipe right now. Thanks for the idea fam.


Sichuan is southern Chinese cooking emphasizing spicy chilis.

TheGiantKorean, avatar

LOL. I made these for the lunar new year. I never tried it before, but figured it would be good!

IIRC it was an 8:3:1:1 rub. The 1:1 was Sichuan peppercorn, Sichuan chilis, and a tiny bit of cumin.


So, how did it taste?

TheGiantKorean, avatar

Good! Def would make it again.

fry, avatar

Looks great! How long did you smoke them for?

TheGiantKorean, avatar

Thanks! 2 hours unwrapped, 2 in foil, then 1ish unwrapped with sauce until they felt done.

fry, avatar

Nice! Two hours should get you a decent smoke flavor for sure

lycanrising, in Tonight’s ribs!

what a write up! good job!



lycanrising, in Ribs two ways

i want to taste them both!

CavalierBob, in Tonight’s ribs!

Should be “sexy like a show car

Bedpanbrian, in Smoked brisket Saturday

I love you.

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