OMFG Apple TV+ sucks at baseball

I logged in two hours late to watch the Jays/Cubs game thinking that I'd just start from the beginning. I haven't done that before, so I did a quick search to confirm that it's possible to watch a game from the start on this service. The answer I get says yes, it's possible, so off I go. Well the first thing I see when I log in...

The Perfect Game That Also Sucked (

It was, for starters, just the 24th perfect game in MLB history; it was thrown by Germán, who was suspended 81 games at the beginning of 2020 for violating the league’s domestic violence policy. As The Athletic would later report, citing anonymous league sources, Germán had slapped his girlfriend at a gala and later became...

Senate passes A’s stadium bill, sends measure to Assembly – The Nevada Independent (

The vote on SB1 comes after more than five days of backroom negotiations in a special session of the Legislature that ultimately spurred the Tuesday addition of two substantial amendments aimed at tightening the public financing language, expanding the terms of a community benefits agreement and resurrecting two bills Gov. Joe...

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