And here I am wishing they’d remove the romance angle altogether and add more actual content.


Karlach, all the way. And not just because she’s a 7ft tall beast of a woman with a machine for a heart who “Winks at her foes as she slays them”, but because her personality is very close to my wife’s.

Also, there is a specific scream that Karlach does when enraged that flips all my switches.


The spirit is willing but the flesh is bruised and spongy.

Hairyblue avatar

Also, there is a specific scream that Karlach does when enraged that flips all my switches.

I enjoyed reading that.


As much as I enjoy the scream?

Fun fact, my wife found out I liked it. And she ssid “I bet I could do that”. She didn’t get it quite right the first time, but she nailed it the second time. Which just flipped those switches even harder.


This is oddly endearing.


Loser ass clickbait, they could have easily mentioned it’s crybaby Shadowheart instead of the objectively thicc Karlach.


Shart is your first romance, when your options are her (who is more or less ambivalent towards you at first) or the frog (who fucking despises you). Of course people pick her while they don’t know about Mommy Karlach.

Second playthrough you know there is someone better waiting for you out there!

cupcakezealot, avatar

The player has the option to either ask Halsin to stay in human form, or let him get his furry paws all over them; 66% of players asked for the former.

y’all need jesus :(


Is he a romance option?


He is both a romance option and an orgy option


I’m at the beginning of Act 2 and have avoided romancing any of them.

If I’m not getting any neither are they.

Wodge, avatar

Blueberry Muffin 4 Lyfe!


I stabbed Shadowheart with a sharp stick and left her lifeless corpse in another dimension.

She had it coming.

cupcakezealot, avatar

she ran into your knife ten times


Sorry, im still stuck in the Miranda/Tali debate to focus on this one


There is no debate, Tali is the best.


You and I aren’t friends


The struggle of the debate continues 😔


Wondering what the ideal romance with Shadowheart looks like. I picked her to hang out with at the first camp party but after that there was essentially no change in our relationship. Then when I finally got serious with Lae’zel she’s all, “I wish I was the reason you are so happy.” I mean, say something girl!

But 2nd playthrough, Karlach all the way.


Chill white chick gets all the ass...

Pika face


I got just inside Act 3 before I put the game on hold to wait for patches and things like that to come out...almost ready to jump back into it. I have been romancing Shadowheart because her story seemed to be the most tied-in to the game's plot. If/when I do a second run, I will be Team Karlach all the way.

Hairyblue avatar

Karlach seems like a fun person to be around, when she is not in a rage. I love how funny she is.


I love her “fuck yes!l” enthusiasm. I’m also a sucker for Astarion’s “sigh if you must”, though.


As a person who sighs dramatically as a reflex, it doesn’t work in real life like it does for Astarion, lol.


Maybe there is more to it? You should investigate!

Hairyblue avatar

I was romancing Gale. He is a funny guy and we had some fun together, but he is the kind of guy you have to fix, or he will blow up. You know that type of man.

So I broke it off with Gale and I am now trying to land Halsin. He seems more affectionate and more loving that Gale. I think I can get him. I have a beard, men like beards. LOL

The article says Shadowheat is the most romanced. I am not attracted to women, but isn't she in a cult?

Who did everyone romance? I am stuck at work with hump day talk. Weekend is the time I can get back to playing BG3.


I played 3 times and picked a different love interest each time (just the women). Karlach was the best because she’s funny but Shadow felt like the most “rewarding” romance despite being completely unrealistic because you think “I can fix her” and then you do

Hairyblue avatar

It is nice to be able to help someone. I think ever companion has ties to the main story. I am still working on finishing my first playthrough.


They do, it’s a great game! I’m thinking of replaying it on Honor Mode…

Hairyblue avatar

I saw some articles about people playing honor mode and having some bad luck. Like them getting a bunch on critical fails on dice rolls. Rigged! (Grin) And another player finishing the honor run in 38 mins.


38 minutes has to be cheesed. The world record is like a minute and a half through knocking out shadow and launching her across the map in a box (called Shadowboxing) so I imagine it’s something similar for honor mode

Hairyblue avatar

That is wild. I didn't read to see how they did it. Didn't want spoilers, but I know there are lots of ways the game would end early fairly, but you are right, I am not sure 38 mins is a fair play through.


The speed run is surprisingly spoiler-free! At most you see the face of one of the bad guys during .25 seconds of a cutscenes. Maybe wait until they get officially introduced in act 2 before watching…but it’s worth checking out if for no other reason than to see the guardian the player designed lol

I got really good at the tech used to do it (launching boxes anywhere) and would throw boxes at my friends any time I found one


I romanced shadowheart because I’m a lesbian and she’s just extremely chill with everything. Want to fuck someone she hates? She’s not going to have a problem with it

Hairyblue avatar

Wait, are you telling me I can romance more than 1 person and they are cool with that?


I’m a bard, and I bang every lady I come across.

It’s the lute. They dig it.

Hairyblue avatar

And I don't even play a musical instrument.

Do you get to play the Divinity 2 music? Divinity 2 has some really good music too.


It depends on who you’re romancing if they’re good with it. Shadowheart doesn’t mind sharing but Karlach does for example.

Hairyblue avatar

Wow, so each companion has different response to sex outside the relationship?

I wonder if Gale would have been ok with being in a relationship with me and Halsin. Today's relationships are complex.


He isn’t.

Hairyblue, (edited )
Hairyblue avatar

Oh, well it is a good thing I broke up with him. He seems has taken the breakup well, but nothing has happened with Halsin yet.

I wonder if Gale would have told me off.


Shadowheart does mind sharing, depending who it is. Not at all happy sharing with Lae’zel.


Laezel. I like strong, competent women. Shadowheart is kind of a sad wallflower, and karlach is… fine, but doesn’t hit my love of competence and control.


I didn’t end up with Lae’zel in the end, but I hedged my bets for long enough that I got the Long Rest scene where she wakes you up in the night. The encounter ended hilariously fast, but what followed melted my heart and made it very hard to not choose her.

I also love how quickly Lae’zel changes her entire world view, which happened around the same time for me. Mad respect for such principles and focus


I ended up with Astarion. I was en route to romancing Shadowheart, but I got surprisingly few approval moments or interactions with her throughout act 2. At the same time, my character seemed to be taking the shape of “goodie-two-shoes but sassy bitch to those who deserve it”, which gave loads of Astarion approval.

I ended up learning into it and I’m super glad I did. There’s an Act 2 Dark Urge scene that I felt completely changed the romance dynamic between my character and Astarion - it felt like it put us on a much more even footing, and I was surprised by how sincere and empathetic the scene felt (given that Astarion’s main Cope is a mask of flirting and sass).

I had originally wanted to romance Karlach, but there was a bug that prevented her approval from rising and by the time I discovered and fixed it, I had missed loads of Act 1 approval moments

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