I’m overly annoyed by that mirror placement.


If I visited someone’s home for the first time and saw that mirror, I would open my phone, delete them from my contacts, and walk out without saying a word. That placement is a crime.


They probably moved it so they didn’t appear in the shot. Though it would have been better to just take it down.


that is, most certainly, a decor. Still more interesting than everxthing gray, but also a lot to look at.

Emperor, avatar

Is the floor at an angle too in that first photo?

Tiritibambix, avatar

I’m not sure but it looks like it. Everything seems to be at an angle anyway x)


My guess is, the room isn’t a rectangle. You can see it where the walls meet the ceiling.

Tiritibambix, avatar

Wouldn’t the curtains on those radiators lead to a really bad time and a large insurance claim?


Nah. Our curtains are hanging over our radiators too. They are not that hot, even on full blown, to actually light anything on fire. It “burns” your fingers, as in you can not touch them, but not in a real, burn wound kinda way.

We regulaly put things on them to dry or e.g. orange peel to have a nice smell in the house.

Edit: if you are not familiar with them: they have hot water circulating in them which is warmed by a central unit somewhere in the house. Nothing electrical there.


I’ve recently moved into a house with hot water radiators and I love them. No hazard as long as there’s nothing overly sensitive to heat (eg electrical wires) up against them


The are very cool indeed (no pun intended). And no AC in the world will ever be this quiet. It’s the de facto standard in Hungary, it’s hard to find any other setup.

And additional fun fact: there are quite a few apartment buildings and whole neighborhoods here that are heated by a big-ass, central authority/boiler. I mean we don’t have our own boilers in the flats, but we receive the heated water through kilometer-long pipes. It’s very cheap and efficient. There are some things the socialists did well back then.


My university was like this all the buildings were heated (and cooled I believe) via water pipes that ran under campus. There was a giant, dedicated chiller building just off-campus, and presumably a similar building with a giant boiler.


Saw something similar in CERN. I was in the cellars or how can I say it in English, there were giant tubes in endless corridors and was a million degrees there.

I saw an article a couple of years ago that Austria wants to revisit this thing for heating and cooling office buildings because it so much more efficient than individually do this in every building.

Anyway, thanks for the insights and the convo, my friend.

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