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A Scandinavian Specialty (

Scandinavia often has these three-walled cabins available on a first-come, first-served basis. In Swedish, they’re called vindskydd, or wind shelter. This particular one is northeast of Umeå, Sweden. No guarantees on what they’re called elsewhere, but I have seen them in Finland as well. And I have heard of but not seen of...

He lived to be outdoors, even in extremes like Death Valley. He died doing what he loved (

A 71-year-old Los Angeles man died in California’s Death Valley National Park on Tuesday, likely due to heat, as the afternoon high recorded in the park was 121 degrees, officials said. The Inyo County Coroner identified the deceased as Steven Curry....

What is your top 'non-essential' backpacking gear item ?

I am looking at creating my backpacking kit. I just wanted to know what people consider their top items in their backpacking kit that might not be considered “essential” (tent, clothes, cookware, etc) or what they’d recommend looking into to improve the (already great) backpacking/camping experience....

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