Here's my dude. I have no idea what he is.

Meet Sherlock. He’s about 1½ years old and weighs 70 pounds. This guy spent two hours bouncing all over the four-acre dog park, and still wanted to play once we got home.

We get asked all the time what he is. My wife sent off a DNA kit so maybe we’ll have an idea in a couple weeks. I’m pretty sure those ears pick up shortwave radio.

We adopted him in August. Here he is the day we took him home.

He’s really intelligent. He knows a lot of commands. Most of them he does right away, but he’s not always so eager to please. You just have to show him that no matter how stubborn he is, you’re even more stubborn. He gets there soon enough.

FuglyDuck, avatar

He’s a good boi! That’s what he is!

(Also those ears! I love ‘em.)


Because he’s really smart, it’s important that, in addition to physical exercise, he get mental exercise as well!




Cute I always thought dog breeds were BS


beagle shepherd is not a thing

Nom, (edited )

alt text

^Maybe an Alano Español(Spanish Bulldog).

Not a dog expert(don’t even have a dog) but I consulted this list. The ears seem to be long cropped to me though I can’t be certain.

I just realized you now have a Mabari Warhound. You lucky…dog…


It’s easy to see what he is.


steal_your_face, avatar

I’m guessing pit, German Shepard, boxer, and maybe a lil bit chow chow.

Btw got a link to that harness and seatbelt thing? Looks comf.

spicytuna62, (edited ) avatar

Here’s the seat tether

And here’s his harness

Any harness will do, really. We don’t even use the harness outside of the car. He does pretty well just being walked on his collar. He only ever pulls if he sees a squirrel. That’s one area where we’re working on training lol

I would be totally unsurprised to find out there’s some pit in there. He came from a shelter, and all the local shelters have tons of pits. His history before the shelter is a big question mark.

steal_your_face, avatar

Sick thanks!

Yeah a lot of shelter dogs have some put in them including my dude (15 %)


Its a dog


Not a canine expert by any means but it indeed appears to be a dog. Mystery solved!

MacNCheezus, avatar

I too am not an expert but I concur that this indeed appears to be a dog.




Definitely some boxer, especially with that energy.

notsure, avatar

He fren til the en...
lucky pack


Thats a good boy. Looks like the best kind, a mutt.


He’s your dude! You know exactly what he is!

01189998819991197253, avatar

You don’t need a DNA test. I know what he is. He’s your dude. That’s all that matters.

SouthFresh, avatar

Looks to me like he’s awesome.

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