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@isomeme Very nice shots! I saw that last night. No photo, though.

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Thanks! The Night Sight camera mode on my Pixel 6 Pro opens up whole new realms of casual astrophotography. I took these while on an evening stroll, when I happened to notice Jupiter coming into view as a thicker cloud moved out of the way. I never would have imagined being able to do this with a handheld cell phone. Say what you like about the general state of the world; our technology is borderline magical.

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@isomeme I am amazed at the sheer power our "phones" give us in something smaller than a paperback romance. Truly a wonder.

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Seriously. None of the science fiction writers I loved as a teenager in the 1970s came up with "near-universal pocket supercomputers with instant access to all other users and all human knowledge". And yet here we are. It makes me a bit breathless to think about it.


@isomeme @noondlyt we do give Douglas Adams a ton of credit for the Guide, but that was ten years later, yeah

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@irenes @noondlyt

Yep, the Guide is probably the most prescient in this regard. It's basically Wikipedia with a thin layer of satire.

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@isomeme @noondlyt My favorite is that Star Trek basically came up with the iPad (they call it the PADD), but people have several on their desk, carry a stack around to hand out to people etc, as if each one serves one specific purpose.


@isomeme @noondlyt To be fair, "Instant access to all other users and all human knowledge" does kind of make it harder to limit a character's options, or create miscommunication between characters, which...tends to ruin story conflict.

And runs against the criticism of "Why didn't the characters do <X>?" without the guardrails of "They didn't know that they could at the time.".

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@AT1ST @noondlyt

Quite true, of course. It reminds me of how the original Star Trek creative team came up with the transporter to avoid having to include shuttle footage every time the crew visited a planet. Practical effects shots are more expensive than post-processing some glitter over the actors. And shuttle flights would require more airtime as well. So they cleverly solved their immediate problem, and doomed 55+ years of writers to answering the question "Why don't they just beam up?".

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