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That shit they keep in a refrigerator. It’s literally just a shepherd’s pie/stew marketed as dog food. It smelled better than what I had made for myself one night so I took a bite. If I had no shame, I would have ate that and gave the dogs what I made cuz it was actually better.


Starting to think your profile pic isn’t your fursona but just an actual picture of yourself

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Relevant instance ^


Oh my


I don’t know that fancy refrigerated cat food would be a good option for the apocalypse, myself.


That freeze dried liver and fish and shit? You bet. I’m sure it doesn’t taste good but it’s actual meat with very little if any added stuff. If I’m ever in trouble, I’ll be nibbling on those freaky looking anchovy snacks my cats get.


Has anyone ever tried those fancy dog cookies they make that come in different shapes and have icing and stuff? Every time I’m at the pet store I’m just so curious.


I Worked at a pet store chain for about 9 years. The sandwich ones with icing and the carob chips cookies taste like human snacks. The only issue is that it’s not produced in a human food grade factory


Idk that I’ve tried any fancy ones, but I have tried cookies supposedly meant for dogs before and they taste exactly like regular people cookies, but with less sugar and less overall flavor. They are also usually firmer than people cookies.

I remember one of them I tried literally just seemed like regular vanilla Oreos.


Just a thought - why don’t they make People Chow? It would be nice for those quick rush out the door days


You mean cereal?

nodoze313, (edited )

Why hasn’t someone come out with Bachelor Chow yet like they have on Futurama?


Babish has an overly complicated, but tasty looking recipe.




I make a double batch of this for my dogs each week. I do it in an electric turkey roaster, not a pressure cooker, but if you seasoned that, it would basically pass for “people chow.” The dogs certainly love it. They whine for food now, never did for kibble.

I also add a pouch of salmon to one meal a week, just cause the husky loves salmon.


Dinki Di


I can tell you that dog biscuits (at least whatever brand my mother bought when I was an adolescent) had little flavor and were kind of like dried bread. Very benign.


Canned ALPO


I’ve tasted both cat and dog kibbles, my kids used to love eating them when they were toddlers. I just wanted to know if I was missing out on something.

Neither tasted good, but the cat kibbles weren’t nearly as bad as dog kibbles. There most likely are brand differences, but my curiosity was satisfied by the sampling I had available at the time.


The Science Diet for dogs with food sensitivity or allergies isn’t bad. Kinda bland.


I once tasted a Pupperoni stick because it truly smelled fantastic, do NOT do this


I tasted one too and can confirm they are vile.



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  • marron12,

    Yeah, it’s kind of like eating raw flour. But extremely bland and weirdly minerally. Still better than kibble.


    Hey it’s the apocalypse, I’m not going to be picky.

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    Dog food is after the regular cans are gone and you’re desperate. If I was a survivalist, I’d stack up on beans, peanuts, multivitamins and water purification of some sort. But I’m not so I don’t. Good thing I have big bags of kibble and booze.


    Careful, vitamins go bad.

    ETA: Punctuation

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    Don’t we all


    My nephew apparently loves kibbles. Got to ask my brother the brand, gonna let you lnow.


    looks at watch impatiently

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    Pet food is unseasoned and more expensive than bottom shelf canned meals made for human consumption.

    I’d stock up on those instead…

    I did sample some of the stuff out of curiosity, and it was overwhelmingly bland and chewy. Not terrible, just really dull.


    The canned cat food I’ve tried was extremely salty.


    Cheap dry cat food is unpleasant stale savory tasting and the flavor lingers in your mouth. It tastes like cat breath and could really use some salt and sauce to take the edge off.


    Well that’s cause you’ve gotta warm it up and sprinkle it on the top of your oatmeal.


    That explains why my cats breath smells like cat food

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