Why have YouTubers ceased reuploading videos to alternative platforms around December 2023?

I prefer not to support Google, so I’ve been using alternative platforms. However, I’ve noticed that the YouTubers I follow have stopped reuploading their videos to these platforms. Has anyone else observed this? What could be the reason behind this change?

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Brodie and Mutahar still kicking on Odyssey


What platforms?

For months, on the YouTube app, 95% of my videos play for 5 seconds, then skip 10 seconds, then play the rest of the video.



No money.

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Multiple major YouTubers would need to migrate simultaneously and make the new platform the only place to access their content before the viewers necessary for monetary gain move. And that is not likely to happen.


And the new platform would have to aggressively monetize its users, which is kind of the reason for avoiding YouTube.


Brodie still uploads to odysee.


No platform pays nearly as well as YouTube does on average. If they upload to other platforms, and you watch the content on those other platforms, they’re going to make significantly less money than if you watch on YouTube. Even if there’s increased reach from uploading to multiple platforms, the creator will almost certainly make less—so there’s less than no incentive for them to upload elsewhere.


Some like Vimeo actually charge the uploader, I believe.


Yeah, Vimeo completely pivoted to basically being a white label video platform for business websites.


I believe Nebula pays fantastically well, at least according to Sam from Wendover Productions. This is attributed to the fact that Nebula charges a subscription and half the subscription fees are divvied up to the channels according to watch time.

However, he owns a significant portion of Nebula so he’s not a disinterested information source.


It’s creator owned. If they’re on nebula, they have a stake in it, writ large


I’m broke, so if they exclusively upload to nebula, they aren’t getting anything from my view because it doesn’t happen.

Uploading to both though seems like a good idea


There are original series on Nebula that cost a lot to make so I understand that they need to recoup the investment on those.

But most videos are released on both platforms. The Nebula versions usually have extended cuts and are free of adverts and sponsors, but the programming is otherwise the same.


Nebula was also made by content creators in response to how bad YouTube is for them.


My annual subscription to Nebula expired last month. I didn’t renew. They seemed to have a mix of exactly what you get on YouTube and some peculiar TV documentaries that weren’t quite good enough to make brand name TV channels


I don’t think that from a purely “rational consumer” perspective Nebula is worth the $30 per year demanded. But to me, it’s like a Patreon subscription. I can support my favourite creators and I get some nice perks in return, like offline video downloads and advertising and sponsor-free programming. These perks are not worth $30 a year to me. But I will continue to support them anyway.


Also, YouTube is a removed to run, hardware wise, they must have farms upon farms of servers everywhere, on top of CND infrastructure. Do not envy their bandwidth bill. Few out there can or could compete, even if they wanted to.

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99% of the times when something like this happens it’s about money, so just follow the money…

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Not enough people to watch. But even on Youtube, only shorts can get views better than the regular videos. Most people don’t search for content and they don’t like ads.

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Even if you try to search for content otside of youtube, it’s very difficult to find.


One reason could be difference in how much the other platforms pay vs YouTube. Uploading multiple places also requires more effort and coordination, might not be worth it from their perspective…

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I know that Peertube doesn’t have any built-in monetization right now, so they would probably be relying on viewer charity to make money on some platforms.

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Yeah not happening, I have like 300 channels on my subscriptions.


Some do but it’s an agreement with their uploaders and the instance owners.

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Interesting. I know that most Fediverse stuff doesn’t allow ads on the platform, so do the creators just get a cut of any money donated to the instance?




Odysee supports automatic mirroring/cloning of your uploads

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