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Haha you see, that’s the trick: It’s not your game. Our corporate overlords in their absolute perfection merely granted you permission to temporarily enjoy their impeccable creation. Hail them.

You will own nothing and you will like it. See this new amazing GamePassCloudStreamXNextWowUltime service we’re offering? It’s super cheap! (For now.)


Some games do this because of advertising. They can’t present ads if you’re offline.

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Then cache some adverts and refresh your cache every time there’s a network connection.

Breaking the game entirely because you can’t serve the most recent advertising is absurd. Particularly for single player/offline titles.


But that be convenient and logical, we can’t have that.


But the ads are the point. The game is secondary.

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Because the DRM software in the game requires an internet connection to verify you’ve genuinely purchased the game, every single time you try to use it.

This allows the company that maintains this software to take it away from you at any point, simply by taking it’s verification servers offline.

Here’s more on the topic:


that’s fucking insane. is there any counter?



  1. Don’t buy games with such DRMs
  2. Buy the game on DRM-free platforms like GOG
  3. Piracy

It’s a free game.

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… You sure? Maybe you got a copy for free, but it doesn’t look free.

I can’t view price on google play, my phones not compatible, but it does say in-app purchases which would have the same restriction.


Bro! I said it takes me to Play Store(Android)

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Yup. Try reading that comment again. Apparently you couldn’t be fucking bothered the first time.


How about you fucking read before commenting?

Also, lol at paying for something like this


Since you already paid, rest easy as you sail the high seas


DRM/Digital Rights Management

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