In the first day, 5 euro. And every next day, double the amount of the previous day


You should ask another demographic, they’re cheaper 😄.


Google gets it for pennies through google “rewards” app


I feel like no one really wants the personal data of people who are so poor they are willing to sell their personal data.


More than I’m getting paid for my data now, that’s for damn sure

@miss_brainfart@lemmy.ml avatar

You give me 5 mill, and I give you my old email that doesn’t exist anymore.

That’s about as fair as data collection is the other way around.

@yessikg@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

666 dollars per month


$0 up-front, but you have to pay me 5% royalties every time you make money off of it.


20% minimum, it’s my information, I deserve the lion’s share of profit margins.

@MaxVoltage@lemmy.world avatar

Please most humans would be happy with 5 rupees a day

@skillissuer@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

LW TOS prevents me from expressing my honest opinion on this subject


More than €250/year.

I’m currently not using membership cards at the local grocery store. The discount I’d get is worth approximately that much for me.


If you are on a smart phone, discount memberships are the least of your farming worries.


Sure my phone manufacturer has my data. Does not mean I’ll give it to the grocery store.

They’d get it too if it was a choice between no food or giving up my data.


I’ll charge you: $0 but every time it’s re sold you have to pay me $1

Easiest way to become a millionaire.


You sound like the devil trying to trick me out of my souls posession.


For cold hard cash per month per “person”, you can get any number of AI-generated “personal data” from “me”…

@Presi300@lemmy.world avatar

I’d make my data into a monthly subscription, 599.99$/month and I’d have a 20 page long “ECLA (End company license agreement)” that describes precisely where and how they’re allowed to use my data.


A livable wage after tax in the city where your CEO office is located.

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