Drugs and alcohol

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What kinda drugs tho??


1 kg of cocaine


I looked up how much that would cost out of curiosity and it really fluctuates based on where you live apparently. $1500-$50000

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I did not realize you were made of money! 🤑🤑🤑


I live in Colorado, so generally some unusual form of weed for those who enjoy that. A dispensary near me has THC chocolate truffles, those usually go over well.


Jones' Soda brand - Mary Jones THC soda.


I don’t have a “family” in a common sense of understanding like parents, wife, kids and stuff, but I have a girlfriend of 7 years living together and that’s pretty much it. Gonna be rather simple as we don’t generally bind giving presents to certain dates, and we usually discuss specifics prior so nobody gets something one doesn’t need or want.

I offered her a catalogue of some interesting jewelry and cool watch but she is kinda reluctant, “doesn’t look too practical” to her. So we just agreed that she’s gonna look into some new mobile phone in January whenever something interesting is out, and if she likes it (she likes doing random photography so a good phone camera is a good idea), I’m gonna buy it for her. That’s why I love her - straight to the point and considers usefulness in daily routines.


Hori Hori knife for any gardeners that you know.

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Mostly getting my wife and kids “experience” gifts this year, rather than physical things. Nobody needs or wants much, so instead I’m getting tickets to concerts, plays, musicals, comedy shows, etc.


If you’re crowdsourcing gift ideas, you’re already losing. Gifts should be personal.

Honytawk, (edited )

No reason you can’t look for some inspiration.


Socks, fucking shit loads of socks, I had 42 pairs arrive the other day. I have a weird thing for socks (no not like that) and have bought everyone a pack of my favourite socks that don’t seem to ever die (I have a 12year old pack that are still in great condition despite wearing them regularly).

Everyone gets a 5pack of my favourite, 1 pair of merino wool socks, and a box of sweets or chocolate depending on their taste.

Except for the children, they get toys and games too.

It’s clichéd as fuck, but made my life easier and we all prefer focusing on the kids as it’s their day really.


I too am an avid sock wearer…


Omg I would love a gift like that! What is this mythical brand of socks?


It’s ueither but specifically ueither with horizontal patterns, any intricate designs don’t last as long.

I bought a pack of 5 while at uni in 2011 and they’re still going strong today, I have 10 others since then which are as good, but the one time I bought picture designs rather than straightforward stripes they lasted maybe 3-4 years, which still isn’t horrible tbf.

There’s nothing particularly special about them, they’re 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elastane. They just seem to last forever and feel great.


Awesome, thank you for the recommendations and the heads up! I’ll definitely have to try some. Lately all my socks have been springing holes, so I’m excited to try some more durable ones


I just googled them and the first thing that pops up is their Amazon page saying they are a clothing company founded in 2016…

Globulart, (edited )

Potentially acquired the company I bought the first socks from at some point then. I found the exact socks I’d bought years later and ordered more pairs, might just be idemtical patterns and still good quality but the first set I had were definitely at university, which I graduated in 2012.


Check out Darn Tough. Life time warranty


Got my husband a light for his desk that is in the shape of the bon fire spawn/save point in the Dark Souls series. It’s in one of those clear resin blocks and it glows. Then we’re going to a bougie ass resort for a 2 day stay cation where he doesn’t have to worry about anything!

Got one of my besties who enjoys D&D a bottle opener called “Tool of Opening”, a dunce cap for his dice when they disappoint him, and a t-shirt that says: “Lawful in the Streets; Chaotic in the Sheets”. Basically a bunch of little kitschy things based on his interests.

Another bestie is (probably) getting some kinda Critical Role merchandise. Maybe a wooden sign for his room that says “Entering Dave’s Dungeon Roll for Initiative”. Still deciding on him.

When we sold our house, I opened investment accounts for my niece and 2 nephews, and I just throw money in there for every birthday/Christmas. As infants/toddlers they’re going to be too young to appreciate it for a while, but I grew up bouncing between “lower class” and “lower middle class” so I want them to have more opportunities starting out than I did. They’ll appreciate it one day. I hope.


Dang, you’re good


Olive oil with trums, about 10$ for a bottle and you onley need so little to make any dish more exciting


If you know what their interests and hobbies are at the moment, then get equipment and other stuff related to those. Books and craft supplies are often good ideas. A giftcard to a store they often visit is always nice. A nice mug is a good gift for many people, because it’s useful and beautiful. For kids, you can ask them what’s their favorite animal, and then get them a plushie of that animal. They’ll probably love it. Getting them a trendy toy (such as a Squishmallow rn) can also be good. If you still have no idea what someone wants, then you can get them a nice card with some cash and maybe some candy.

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too expensive for my cheap self


Trust me on this.

Children under 5 get a giant Christmas card, the kind the whole office is supposed to sign. Little kids never get mail, so you’ll make their Christmas. Give parents cash to get whatever the kid actually needs.

Children 5 to 10 get a GI Joe or a Barbie. Doesn’t matter if the kid likes that toy, what matters is that they can trade it in the school yard. It’s like sending someone in jail a carton of Newports.

Ages 10 to 20 get cash.

Over 20 gets a nice bottle of booze. Even if they don’t drink, they can regift it easily.


I bet that 8 year old would have an easier time trading a nice bottle of booze.

Seriously, though, my parents would have been pissed if I traded away a gift someone gave me. We did trade stuff all the time (mostly matchbox cars and baseball cards) but “I got this for Christmas” meant that it was off limits for trading.


Socks because most people like socks.


“Elements” by Euclid. Together with a mug printed with the graphics from the title page.

Nollij, (edited )

Get them a nicer version of things they already get. Fancy coffee, hot sauces, soap, candles, pens, that sort of thing. It loses some of its charm, but that could also mean a gift card to a nicer restaurant. Just make sure it’s enough to cover the meal.

This works especially well if they’re pretty cheap and wouldn’t get things like that, simply because they’re too expensive.

You can also go for some very pseudo-luxury items. Vermont Maple syrup (or Maple candies - seriously, it’s just crystalized sugar, but it seems so rich), sausage and cheese sets, chocolate oranges…

Finally, here’s the biggest tip - Don’t wait until December to think about it. Pay attention through the year. They will almost certainly mention something offhand to you. A passing comment like “we never have enough -----” or “---- never works right” are perfect opportunities. Just make a note on your phone. Feel free to ask probing questions and even tell them that’s what you’re doing- if it’s before Halloween, they’ll almost certainly forget by Xmas anyway.


A few months ago, my brother and I were playing online but we communicated through chat instead of talking because he didn’t have a headset. I’m hoping he still doesn’t have a headset because that’s what I got him.

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