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The galaxy is in Orion's bell...


The line is “the galaxy is on Orion’s belt”

The alien couldn’t think of the word “collar”


It’s actually cut off at “bell” the first time before it passes out. It manages “belt” later.

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It's only "bell", the entire plot of the movie is that they think he couldn't manage to finish saying "belt", but had actually finished

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I had a very stodgy surgeon and I actually got a laugh out of him. He checked in with me pre surgery and as he was leaving said he would see me in the OR and I was like I hope I don’t see you (meaning I hoped the anesthesia worked). No one else got what I meant except for him and he had a genuine chuckle.

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This gives me a sense of satisfaction by proxy.


I said “Yeah. You’ll see me.”


Good luck on the surgery OP


I admit. I just pictured them lying on the operating table about to be knocked out for surgery with them saying "Good luck on the surgery" to the surgeons.

But seriously! Best of luck op!


I can’t decide whether it’s appropriate to say good luck & God speed.


“Who’s making toast?”


“In case anything happens, I brought my mummification tools just in case.”


If anything goes wrong, tell my wife that I forgot to do the laundry.


“I usually prefer isoflurane, but I’ll take a hit of this” only works if they don’t use isoflurane.

“So this was what it was like for my victims” if you want to go dark.

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I actually did this one.

I was having my wisdom teeth removed. I was like 23. The anesthesiologist was a cute little blonde chick. Apparently the last thing I said before I went under was “Man this girl is a real…knockout…”

I didn’t get her number.


Make comments unrelated to your actual procedure.

“hope the transplant goes well.” / “really looking forward to this m to f transition”


“Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast”


This. This is the one.

(Long live Ace Rimmer.)


“This could be a software problem, can we try turning me off and on again?”


Man, that’s rough, fingers crossed for you yo!!!

Also, “I’ll see you in there.”


I only know when you wake up you ask, “what year is it.” If you can manage it.


OP – can you please come back after the surgery and let us know that you’re okay?


Yeah, as funny as this is, it would be even funnier if you got back


I know where the gold is!

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