how to delete an account and posts from an instance?

Hi everyone. After admin pulled a style power trip and defederated with hexbear without any input from the community I’ve decided I want to delete my account and all posts. Any tips? For reddit there was a great script for deletion but I’m not finding anything for Lemmy. Thanks in advance

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Not sure if it’s a bug or feature, but it’s almost impossible to delete all traces of your accounts on Lemmy since they get copied to other instances, which don’t disappear even after you’ve “deleted” your accounts. I’ve tested this myself. I can still click into my deleted profile from another instance and the comments are all still there too.

Just move on to other instances and remember, no take-backsies!


Understood. Really I don’t care if my comments and posts remain I just wanted to send a message to the admins like I did to when I bailed from that site.

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ActivityPub, the system used for syncing posts between instances, does support sending deletions to other instances, so if you delete your account and/or posts they should disappear from other instances as well.

However, an instance does not have to acknowledge these deletion requests. By default they do but some may be configured by their admins to ignore them.


Not the answer.

Didn’t he post the reason for the defederation?


Yes and in the comments thread of the admin announcement the responses were overwhelmingly against defederation. Meaning the admins don’t give a shit about the community. Same reason I left reddit. I’ve already created a new account on another instance though so it’s all good.

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Do me a favor once you delete this one. Drop me a reply on the new account.


Ok :-)

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Neither of the other comments here answer your question. They're good advice, but are ignoring your actual request.

Go here:

Scroll down and find Delete Account.


Thank you!


Just move on at the moment. World is not the only instance and you can always make your own and defederate from world.


Yeah I’ve already joined another instance, I just want to send them a message like I did with reddit. No time for powertrip mods…


Host your own instance.


This is the best way to get the optimal experience in the fediverse.


I’d love to. I hosted a mail/webserver on a liquid cooled server in my kitchen for 15 years but one day the pump failed and the server melted. After that went to dedicated cloud hostile but it was too expensive and always having to fight off the script kiddies got really tiring…

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