Is it important that Reddit suffers? For me the important thing is that lemmy flourishes and has good oc.


It can be seen as a statistic for lemmy’s success


Right? Ignore them, have fun here. No reason to give any thought to them.

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That’s the spirit!


Apart from how it's very hard to avoid, given that at least half the fediverse seems to be either Reddit-related, political, or politically Reddit-related.

(Seriously, any pointers on blocking that shit apart from playing whack-a-mole with all the different "subs" would be great, there are simply too many. Each instance can have many mags/communities for the same topic, and there's obviously quite a few instances too. I don't suppose we can filter subs with regex?)


This is what I wish more lemmings would grasp. I’ve commented before how there’s this disillusionment that reddit actually died when a bunch of people left. It didn’t. The sooner everyone can stop being in denial about that, the better.

The situation is really more akin to an abusive ex and the people that left realizing that they’re better off without them. You’re in a better place. Stop talking about, focusing on the drama that your ex brought and just embrace your newer better environment.

Millions of people are in that situation and don’t leave because they’ve been manipulated, they’re scared, and in this case addicted. My brother in law switched from Apollo to the official app and hates it, complains every day, and says reddit sucks now…but won’t leave.


Yeah, but like… I have a gf to have someone to converse with. This new gf of mine basically doesn’t speak so I’m just sitting here watching the wallpapers in silence, whereas my ex, while crazy, was very talkative and entertaining.


Ok but your ex getting hooked on heroin and ending up in a prison morgue won’t make your new gf any more interesting.


Yeah but if my current gf is just being silent I’m like… girl why are we even dating? I’ll keep dating her but damn. It’s not a great relationship and I miss the crazy hoe.

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If you miss her so bad, you can just go back. It’s okay, really, I guess most people still go to both website. It’s a website after all, don’t see too much into it.

On my side I’m just reminded everytime I have to use RedReader to access Reddit on my phone that they really don’t want me there.


The thing is I can’t. Because if I do I’ll most likely inadvertently break up with my new gf, and I really do want her to succeed in life and for us to get married at some point. I’ll give her some more time.

I basically never used Reddit on my phone and on the computer it’s always old.reddit + RES. Also a reason why Lemmy feels a bit gnnnnh. Navigating without keyboard shortcuts is a paaaain.

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Did you have a look at this?

Also this community might interest you:


Yeah I found that script thing a couple of days ago but I don’t have Greasemonkey or anything like that and I don’t think I want to. But I might have to. We’ll see. The other one I saw a while back but didn’t see a major usecase for me personally. But thanks for reminding me since I am way more miffed about the shortcuts now than I was then and I forgot all about that script thing.

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Alright, happy to help!


That’s a great way to think of it.

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To use your analogy of the abusive ex… would you want someone to just never talk about the abusive ex? Never process the trauma? That’s what a lot of people are doing. Noticing that the abusive ex is imploding into a death spiral is kind of validating of your decision to leave. It’s part of the process. There’s no need to shame people for it.


The post is a week old, but regardless, people have had their time to grieve and process. Your friends and family were there for you, they let you vent, they helped you make the transition away from your partner…but they’re gone. It’s time to move on. Let it go. You’re stuck in denial while most people have made it all the way to acceptance. Everyone is ready for you to stfu about your ex.

You’re also reading too much into the analogy. This isn’t really an ex, it’s a link aggregating website and online forum. Just like nobody cared if you deleted your myspace, your Facebook, digg, Tumblr, TikTok, YouTube, etc…nobody really cares that you deleted your reddit account.

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They’ve had their time according to you but maybe people can make their own decisions? Also maybe just chill about it? You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to be here for any of the conversations.

Also you’ve created an entire community of family and friends with backstories so you can then tell me all these imaginary people want me to “stfu”, but apparently I’m the one “reading too much into the analogy”. I think you’re the one that just wants me to “stfu” but you don’t want to say it directly.


I think you’re the one that just wants me to “stfu” but you don’t want to say it directly.

Yes, that would be great. Stfu. Please. Thank you.

You don’t have to listen, you don’t have to be here for any of the conversations.

You seem to have missed the extreme irony in saying this whole replying to a sub comment a week after it was posted by someone who agreed with me.

Excrubulent, avatar

If you want me to stfu you can just block me, or just stop saying things directy to me that are blatantly wrong. Up to you ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And I don’t see what the age of the thread or the fact the poster agreed with you - although they don’t exactly, that’s another thing you’re wrong about - has to do with anything. I’m not here complaining about you talking, I’m pointing out how what you’re saying is wrong. You’re the one literally saying you want people to “stfu”. I’m glad you’ve at least owned it now.


Important? Sort of, or at least it would be... kinda nice. Blatantly giving your user base the middle finger isn't really desired behavior, so I'd love to see any sign of things like that having consequences at all. It's not just about pettiness (although the schadenfreude would be huge in my case, not going to lie), it's wanting to see shitty behavior not pay off.


I support this point of view, but at the same time I want the status quo to be disrupted and the internet to change, I’m not a fan of allowing corporations to fall into complacency when they hold so much power.


It’s petty, but I do hope Reddit suffers. Spez and co has profited off user generated content, free moderation of their communities for a decade plus. Forcing users into the Reddit app that is garbage compared to other 3rd party apps, not to mention the privacy concerns with the app which rivals Facebook.

Quote from Spez in 2016. In May, Steve Huffman said in an interview at the TNW Conference that, unlike Facebook, which “only knows what [its users are] willing to declare publicly”, Reddit knows its users’ “dark secrets”

If Reddit collapses or at the very least their IPO collapses and we can prevent another sociopath from being a billionaire I’ll be very happy with the situation.

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Anyone that expected Lemmy to instantly get as big as reddit overnight were naive. Overall I think only a small fraction went away but reddit is clearly using tactics like mass inviting to group chats and reopening places to boost activity.


But as they do it quality of posts is dropping i’ve found. Personely i think it will take a long time but reddit is really digging its own grave as competition will appear.


Heh, digging. I see what you did there


I will never know because I am never going back to reddit ever.


Just the fact that you can browse Lemmy without seeing advertisements is really nice.

Still, the systems depends on the will of individuals to maintain servers and it’s a bit scary to know that an instance could be gone in an instant if the maintainer doesn’t want to pay for electricity anymore.

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It’s evident in the quality of posts and comments in the old place.

I don’t really mind the lower traffic here. Seems like all the intelligence left the old building at once. Either that or I’ve forgotten just how trash it had become.


I personally visit Reddit less than I did previously. And from the subs I was part of there does seem to be a drop off in new posts that are not the usual begging for help or complaining about how “x” (not the artist formerly known as Twitter) sucks just to bitch.

So there is still a lot of traffic there and content created, it is just more slanted to the mindless type of content than it was before in my experience.


Profit wise, absolutely not. However, they are probably losing their most technical users. Generally the ones that have some sort of tech background or knowledge and see through their BS, and who are also much more likely to support open source alternatives (and third party apps) and have an easier time figuring out the fediverse. Maybe they care about that, maybe they don’t (probably don’t).

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Quite so. We don’t need them to suffer, we just need to build a more resilient and tight-knit community here. Quality or death.


Exactly. Leave Reddit for yourself, not for Reddit.


The point is not an overnight collapse. It’s gradual rot.

Reddit (Twitter, Facebook…) all exist because they created a monopoly around their service. Reddit through their incompetence created a competitor. They will have to work so much harder to make their ends meet now that there are alternatives. Worse yet, the viability of Lemmy will spawn other efforts.

Look at Twitter. Between Mastodon and Bluesky they are eroding. They have to beg advertisers to stick around. At the same time there is a bakers dozen of other efforts underway all creating a new landscape. Twitter was the king and now they are rapidly becoming one in a pool of microblogging services. They will wither.

Reddit just popped it’s monopoly and will also fail.

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Lemmy right now is too… well not clumsy exactly, but it does feel vague with all these seperate iterations like .world or .ml and they are seperate and require seperate logins etc so that’s not handy at all. People are used to ease of use, this is where (for now) Reddit remains king.


Lemmy does have a problem where people don’t get the idea behind it. But it’s not required to have seperate logins for instances which are federated. This very post I do with my account and when you check other user names you’ll see users from other instances as well.


I can’t login to .ml, that fact is confusing. You say federated and I think I get that, but I think to most people not in the IT world, that’s basically “abracadabra”.


You don’t need to login to As long as and don’t block each other you will see posts from both servers.

I’m currently browsing on and saw this thread on the “all” feed. By default your filter might be set to local only.


I don’t think any platform collapses overnight. What you have to do is do is make something “better” and engage in a campaign of attrition to get people to move over. Produce content that other visitors see and like. Submit links to that content to aggregators (e.g. Slashdot / Fark etc.). Even start submitting links on Reddit that lead over to Lemmy and so on.

Make Lemmy feel as normal as Reddit. People will get used to the interface, the quirks and perhaps stay. Every person who stays is one less for Reddit. Now “better” is doing some heavy lifting since Lemmy has some advantages (ad free, federated) and some disadvantages (inline media & limits, sign up confusion, app). The disadvantages need to be addressed and the advantages need to be made stronger.


I doubt there’s been enough people moving to create an impact. I used to visit Reddit multiple times a day but now it’s once a week if at all. When I have looked all my old subs look no different really.


Seen instance wars, admin egos, random censorship and many other fediverse issue.

Not looking forward to ir anymore to be honest.


I don’t know if I’d call it a mass exodus, and I don’t know that it directly has anything to do with Lemmy, but there’s been a noticeable dip in quality. Fewer posts across many of the front page subreddits, fewer votes, more bot posts, more low effort posts, less discussion in comment sections, lots of deleted comments and accounts… overall there just seems to be a dip in quality.

I was going to delete, but decided to stick around for a while first, to see how things pan out, and I’ve got to say the mobile site is even worse than expected. I get constant pop ups trying to direct me to download the app, then when I say no the website will auto reload, often sending me back to the top of the page. It’s difficult to find and respond to anyone who replies to your comments, and sometimes if you sort by top: today it won’t even show any posts. Just… blank. Clicking on a post opens it as a tab that is more like a popup, and closing it resets where you were on the page.

I could keep going but I think that pretty much summarizes what I’ve noticed. Don’t know that it’s directly related to a Lemmy “exodus,” and I’m still finding my way around here so I can’t really say, but reddit as we knew it seems pretty dead.


That’s actually what some of us were predicting would happen. We would expect a metric like “quality posts per user” to follow something like the 80:20 rule - 80% were created by 20% of the users. If those users and mods were skewed in the direction of the strongest detractors/leavers, you’d find the average quality would indeed go down.


Yeah, I got all my accounts permanently banned and the hacked app I was using was deauthorized. Tried using the mobile website and noticed all those problems also. Only use reddit now when it comes up in searches but I try to avoid it even then.

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The right-wing troll posters have gotten bolder and more prominent in subs I used to visit that’s for sure. They used to get heavily downvoted and people used to rebut their garbage, but much less so now.

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