Opinions: What is a movie you genuinely like, that is rated below 60% on rotten tomatoes?

Inspired by the linked XKCD. Using 60% instead of 50% because that’s an easy filter to apply on rottentomatoes.

I’ll go first: I think “Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows” was awesome, from the plot to the characters ,and especially how they used screen-play to highlight how Sherlocks head works in these absurd ways.


Sucker Punch (2011). Seriously underrated.Dont get why many people consider this movie plotless.


I tuned into Sucker Punch while flipping through tv channels one day. It was in the middle, never heard of the movie before, and there was this badass chick killing zombie Nazis with a sword! For like 10 minutes! No context! It was amazing!

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I fucking love Sucker Punch! Hardly ever see this one talked about. Highly underrated Zach Snyder film with STUNNING visuals.


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

57% on RT but its probably one of my favourite Wes Anderson films.


Sucker Punch. Rated 47% audience score and 22% critic score, but I love it. The story and concept are great, and the action scenes are fun


Yeah it’s edgy/deep like a 15 year old teen wrote it, but I still find it very fun and entertaining.


The Book of Eli (47% critic 64% audience). It’s a good story, it’s well produced, solid acting. It’s not the best movie ever but I enjoy it.


I am an absolute sucker for anything post apocalyptic. Book of Eli falls right in there, and i’m sure if I thought about it for a second I could come up with another 5-10 movies that fit this post.


2010 was before I started logging movies on letterboxd. but I remember liking The book of Eli…


I didn’t know it was that low! I thought it was great!

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Titan A.E. only got a 50% and it is incredible and still holds up!


Cosmic Castaway is a fuckin good song too


The CGI is definitely rough at this point, but solid plot!

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Terrific film. One of Don Bluth’s best. It’s right up there with NIMH for me.


As youths, we would have gotten along swell :)


One of my favourite animated films ever. Also love the soundtrack.


Only 50%?! Holy crap! I guess they really don’t wanna live on Planet Bob.


“You can’t name a planet Bob.”

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Tank Girl. No one liked that movie when it came out. I left the theater with the biggest grin on my face. Absolutely awesome. Still one of my favorites.

It was completely different than the comics but it was still very fun. Especially in 1995.


You’re not supposed to watch it sober.


I’ll have to remember that; I only saw it just after its release and don’t remember being anything other than indifferent. I’ve never read the comic though; the author/artist of the comic is part of the duo of the Gorillas, correct?


You’re not supposed to watch all of it; you’re supposed to be noisily and lewdly snogging your date through most of it.

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I just re-watched it with my teenage daughter who really enjoyed it. So at least one kid today sees value in it.


Possibly Stings best villian. I love that film.


Me: “let me just go look up Mystery Men real quick… oh.”


1999 and over 60%. No dice!


60%>60% ?

I don’t think that’s right.


Pulse (2006) horror/sci-fi/thriller by Jim Sonzero director.


Pootie Tang

Fight me.


2004’s Van Helsing stands at 24%. It is silly but it is fun.


The Room (25%)


Underworld is 31%, but 79% audience score? So apparently quite a few people like it, could’ve fooled me. I might edit this if I find something else.

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I was genuinely impressed by this movie


I thought it was great fun!


The Cell 45% critic / 57% audience

The aesthetic alone is worth the watch.


Chicken fucking Little

That movie slaps and no one can convince me otherwise

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