@PP_BOY_@lemmy.world avatar

“No hoodies.”

“Okay, fine, I guess there’s maybe a safety issue if kids can cover their fa-”

“No, no hoodies.”

We weren’t allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts or coats at all. Crewnecks and collared coats only. Go into your local highschool and take note of how many of the kids are wearing hoodies and imagine if one day they were banned.

@platypode@sh.itjust.works avatar

I got suspended once because someone “punched” me as a joke. By the letter of the regulation it counted as a fist fight even though (a) we weren’t fighting and (b) I didn’t do the punching. Good times.

Uranium3006 avatar

Schools are pro bullying and this stuff is part of it


Zero tolerance fighting rules are the dumbest thing ever. I told my daughter if she ever got hit at school, beat the fuck out of them until I get there and then we’re going for ice cream.

@whysofurious@sopuli.xyz avatar

Lol similar things to me but only with a disciplinary letter saying I was being punched. We were joking, it was not a punch (it was more like a ticklish thing that I exaggerated a bit), and we had both to go in front of the school principal. Wonderful

@sramder@lemmy.world avatar

“Students may not bring anything inappropriate to school.”


Yeah I’ll leave my penis at home

@sramder@lemmy.world avatar

I pointed out that you could stab someone in the eye with a pencil making a basic tool of learning into a wildly inappropriate object. It was really rough doing all my work in crayon ;-)

livus avatar

Got detention for having the wrong shoe texture.


@JusticeForPorygon@lemmy.world avatar

What was the texture? What was the texture supposed to be? We’re missing valuable context!

livus avatar

@ouRKaoS is right, it was black suede leather instead of normal leather.

Dress code didn't say anything about level of shine though, it just said black leather brogues.


they wore alligator skin shoes and not beaten baby seal skin shoes.


Classic mistake. When in Yellowknife, do as the Yellowknifers do.


My guess is suede instead of smooth, shiny leather.

…don’t ask me how I know that.



@Zuberi@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

This is a bot ^


Just wait till you get hired by a large corporation. It boggles the mind how idiotic bureaucracy can be.


Twice I’ve found myself working in the corporate world and the amount of busy work and needless things completely boggled my mind.


I was working at a small agile company… we were acquired by an ogre because we were so profitable. Our parent company has been trying it’s damnedest to reduce our profitability with as many bullshit policies as it can manage.


At least you are legally allowed to leave.


In elementary school, we were only allowed to have up to 8 people at each lunch table. One day we sat 9, and all got detention for it.


You can’t be late more than x times. Sounds fair till u realise the school bus was always late hence racking up like 200 official warnings. School couldn’t change the rule cos government regulations bus couldn’t get there sooner cos government refused to change the shedule.


My school at some point tried to be very extreme about being late. A new rule was that if you were late for even 1 minute, you won’t be allowed in the school.

I was literally walking to the door and saw a kid go in, but I wasn’t allowed in because oh I guess I was a few seconds too late.

Me and other teenagers crowded around the front door and the exchange was basically this

“So you won’t let us in?”

“No, you were late. Go home.”

And we all shrugged and took the day off. Needless to say the rule didn’t last very long and there were many angry parents.

@Late2TheParty@lemmy.world avatar

Homie! My school was neighbors to a bar right next to the train station. When they said, “no,” I said party!

@captain_aggravated@sh.itjust.works avatar

Have psychologists studied this behavior? Like, what goes wrong in school personnel that makes them this dumb?


My school briefly had a rule that when you were late, you could take a note (3 notes = detention), OR you could go to headmaster and explain yourself during lunchbreak.

Lunchbreak was 40 minutes, so if you stood there for more than 40 minutes, you’d be late for the next class, meaning you’d of course show up again tomorrow. Repeat for a while and there were kids lined up through the hallway, standing in line to explain they were late due to standing in line.

The rule only lasted a few weeks. They changed it so that you could get 9 notes before detention.


Why couldn’t the school change the rule though? Weren’t they free to have implemented it in the first place? Once it became apparent it was unworkable couldn’t they have changed it?

@Zuberi@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

This is a bot ^

@boogetyboo@aussie.zone avatar

Where I live, the winters get very cold. Not like Canada cold, but cold by my country’s standards - think a top of 9°c during the day. My city also has an odd culture where no one remembers how cold it gets, given our summers are so hot, so we’re all left confused and freezing come winter - no one has proper clothes for it. It’s like a citywide, seasonal amnesia.

That was certainly the case when I was in highschool 20 years ago. At lunch/recess time, the only time students were allowed inside the building was if it was raining. I understand that this was for the teacher to student ratio of supervision. Everyone outside or everyone inside - much easier to manage.

But it meant that every time it got really, really cold, half the student class would go inside to huddle against the radiators to keep warm. Periodically a teacher would come in and kick us out. You’d repeat this process a few times over recess/lunch.

So while it wasn’t a stupid rule, given I understand the teachers need to not be spread too thin, it was also ridiculous to expect kids to hang around outside in the freezing cold, in a place where people act like wearing a beanie is being dramatic.

@TAG@lemmy.world avatar

Maybe it is because I am used to a colder climate, but how did you come to school without outerwear? Did your parents not notice the temperature in the morning and put a jacket on you?

@boogetyboo@aussie.zone avatar

I mean we were highschool kids so we dressed ourselves. No one had proper coats. From what I’ve seen driving past schools, they still don’t. It’s a very specific form of temperature denial we have here.

@TAG@lemmy.world avatar

That makes sense. Sorry, I grew up in a school system where recess stops after the fifth grade.

Also, you mentioned that lack of coat was a problem for lunch? I assume that means that your cafeteria only had outdoor seating. How did that work when it was raining or very windy?

@boogetyboo@aussie.zone avatar

Cafeteria was for purchasing food, not consuming. Everyone outside!


not really a school rule but it is one they tried to push on my mom when i was in elementary school.

i was the tiniest kid in class and my mom wanted me to take karate lessons. to give me some self esteem. the teachers tried to tell her the only thing it would do would make me want to get into fights. but somehow playing football would have been completely ok. so a high impact physical sport where you grab people and throw them to the ground is ok… as long as there is a ball involved. but giving a little kid some self esteem in an environment that encourages restraint and self control is not ok.

this was sometime around 1982-1985 i forget exactly what year.

moronic way of thinking.

Pyramid8058 avatar

I was in middle school when the Columbine shooting happened. The following year, they updated the dress code to require everyone to tuck in their shirts with the stated reasoning that it would prevent people from concealing weapons.

@tkohldesac@lemmy.world avatar

I too was in middle school when Columbine happened. The next year we weren’t allowed to wear trench coats… In Phoenix…

@Ghostalmedia@lemmy.world avatar

To be fair, some places go a little hard with the AC.


My school did the same thing. Seemed kinda pointless. They also required belts then as well.

@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

I was in high school. Trenchcoats were pretty popular to wear at the time with the nerds and geeks. We even had the kids in choir who looked up to an a capella group called “The Trenchcoats”, who would regularly wear them.

Trenchcoats got banned because of Columbine and the choir kids werent allowed to wear them anymore. Even the a capella group changed their name to “The Coats” around that time. Weird times, man.

@tetris11@lemmy.ml avatar

For anyone wondering:

  • The Matrix came out in late March 1999
  • Colombine happened in late April 1999

Anyone who ate hot lunch had to eat everything on their tray, and we weren’t allowed to pass on any part of the meal because children in other countries were starving or something. Lunch ladies checked our trays before we were allowed to leave the cafeteria.

On the days when sauerkraut was served, we’d take turns being the sauerkraut smuggler, cramming that dank crap from about a dozen 8 year old kids’ trays into an empty milk carton, so we could toss it all without the lunch lady catching it. One day when I was the kraut smuggler, lunch nazi grabbed my carton and marched me back to the table. She said I had to eat every strand of the milky garbage we’d all stowed before I could leave.

I tried, but kept gagging and retching. I sat huddled with the collective slop at the table, crying for about 3 hours before my teacher found me and released me from lunch jail.

yukichigai avatar

Supposedly there was a similar policy at my elementary school early on, which led to a kid being forced to eat something they were allergic to. As the story goes, they vomited violently all over the lunch monitor and then had to be taken to the nurse's office. Their parents were not amused. The policy did not stay in place.


I literally dont understand how teachers or school staff can be so authoritarian that theyd rather a kid die than that kid possibility be lying


They’ve got a tiny scrap of power and by god, they intend to use it! More enjoyable than going to therapy for the abuse they suffered as children.

@altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

Man, thats bullshit.

We were quite lucky that our cafeteria had some delicious food for breakfast and lunch. I actually looked forward to it. Sometimes we’d get lucky and the lunch lady “overproduced” and would invite us to get seconds, and those of us who stuck around for them would get excited!


Holy shit, that last part though. That’s the kind of shit that scars children. I’d be going to jail if you were my kid.

I hope you came through it without too much damage and is in a better place now.


I got in trouble for doing homework at school. Because it was meant to be done at home.

@0_0j@lemmy.world avatar

Lol Nerd

@tetris11@lemmy.ml avatar

I loved doing my homework at school. It was so easy to concentrate, all the textbooks were there, and then afterwards you have whole evening to yourself at home to watch whatever you want without any guilt or stress



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  • Zahille7,

    What the fuck even happens in a dorm meeting? “Keep it down, don’t smoke inside, drink responsibly”?



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  • Zahille7,

    That’s actually insane


    Mr Miaggi approves

    @ShadowCatEXE@lemmy.world avatar

    Not a rule, but I got in trouble by jumping near a brick wall. The school I went to had bars on the bottom windows, and kids used to jump off the wall and hang off them. During recess, I was jumping beside the wall, and got yelled at.

    It was a catholic school. Most teachers were garbage. Except this one Australian teacher. He was awesome.


    I’ve got 2, both from middle school:

    1. No card games: Like, why? I even had a classmate who during one period didn’t exercise on PE. Perhaps due to previous sickness, I don’t remember. As he wasn’t the only one, he played some card game with others. The PE teacher noticed it, took that card deck, AND FUCKING RIPPED IT IN HALF. How much strength does that…? Anyway, I remember he cried, I’d say rightfully so. “You are supposed to pay attention!” Pay attention to what, people running?
      Card games were even banned during breaks, not just free classes. What’s the problem? Teachers didn’t care if someone was beating the shit out of someone else with a chair, they didn’t care if someone was playing with a butterfly knife, but card games? “That’s dangerous for the youth.”
    2. No smartphones: I mean, not even during breaks, except for “A” classes. A classes had the “better” students. The weirdest stuff here was that I haven’t taken the phone with me to school. After all, why? I could break it, I’d have no use for it and I lived 2 minutes away from school. But, when it came to collecting them, no one believed me. “Everyone has a phone nowdays, so you’ll either give it to me, or I’ll have to search your bag.” Thankfully, after a week our class teacher finally understood that I in fact do not carry a phone with me.

    Or perhaps I could also add something from elementary school. I have no idea what rule it would break though:

    Some girl reported me (a boy) for apparently having a mascara. Our teacher then searched my bag, as if it was a grenade. I did in fact not have it.
    And no, she didn’t report me stealing a mascara, just me having one as a boy. And the teacher took that seriously.


    And I thought that my school is weird. Well, maybe I should reconsider that


    Some girl reported me (a boy) for apparently having a mascara. Our teacher then searched my bag, as if it was a grenade.

    Which of the former(?) Confederate states did this happen in? Sounds like a grenade might have been okay with them if you’d had one, they’re manly enough.


    Oh, you’re going to be surprised. Slovakia, central Europe.


    A little surprised but I know we don’t have a monopoly on dipshittery here in the land of pickup trucks with pink rubber scrotums flapping in the wind. Just seems that way sometimes.

    @altima_neo@lemmy.zip avatar

    They come up with some serious bullshit in school.

    I got lucky in that they didnt care about cards when I was in middle school. Wed be playing poker, California speed, etc. I rememeber wed be in woodshop when all the equipment was in use, so wed just play card games to pass the period. Or during breaks between classes. And especially the last day, it was a free for all for some reason. Testing was all done, teachers had nothing else to teach. Wed just go to each class like normal, and just hang out playing card games, getting our yearbooks signed, etc. But this was the 90s, before anyone had cellphones or gadgets.


    I literally have the opposite experience with the phone thing lmfao

    at some point I had a calculator (one of those slick 1990s casios) in my pocket, that king of looked like a phone. When I was passing one of the admins, I actually thought she thinks I have a phone in my pocket, so I gestured to it to say it’s a calculator which she misinterpreted as me somehow boasting that I got a phone, so she was like “Oh so you got a phone, so what? Everyone does nowadays”



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  • AMDIsOurLord,

    This just oozes pure American energy

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