Probably something from The Sad Bastard Cookbook. It's a free book with lots of easy meals and good advice.



How fantastic is this? I personally love cooking so it's something I actually do to curb depression, but I know many people who could use this book. Even if just as a symbol of solidarity. Thanks for sharing!

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Smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes

Oatmeal made with milk. Stir in peanut butter when it is hot and ground cinnamon. Filling.

Spiced fried chicken breast, steamed veggies and carb of choice: mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, or wheat bread.

"Stir fry": Fry meat of choice in a frying pan, add spices and vegetables of choice. Eat with rice or on/with wheat bread. 1 frying pan with meat and vegetables add carb to that.

Grill meat and vegetables of choice. Add carb on the side.


If you’re lazy but not in a rush, legume soup. Throw lentils, canned chopped tomatoes, frozen veg and some spices and maybe stock powder in a pot and wait. If you don’t want to wait for lentils to cook, replace by canned beans. Easy, cheap, minimal cleanup (this is usually the part I’m too lazy for) and very reasonably healthy.

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I started making soups recently starting from beef or vegetable stock in those boxes (tetrapack?). So damn quick and easy! I do not know why I didn't start doing it earlier.

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Pre-portioned chicken pieces in one drawer of the air fryer, tater tots in the other. Slice up tomato and carrots to go with them. Nothing left to do except wrap the bones after so the cats can’t get them, but that’s a future-me problem.

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Rice cooker, after it’s halfway, throw in an egg or two, leftover meat, can of beans, soup, or chili, whatever’s available. It’s nourishing and always tastes good.


Tuna salad sandwich

Tuna, celery, onion, mayo, dry dill, garlic powder, pickles if you want in a bowl and mix. Spread on toast and that’s it. Has plenty of protein and will keep you full.

Next is ramen.

Boil water to cook ramen noodles

Stir fry some onion, scallion whites, other hard veggies and garlic, once tender add some soy sauce, broth and some bouillon powder, and soft or leafy veg and the scallion greens.

Let that cook and add noodles and a light drizzle of sesame oil


Leftovers. Honestly, I cook like two times a week. Throw most of it in the fridge, some of it in the freezer, and grab a collection of whatever and microwave, air fry, or convention oven it. Even better is if the “cooking” is smoking or crock pot. You know, throw it in, check every few hours, kind of deals.

Otherwise, I’ll just eat ingredients and pretend it’s a charcuterie.

The other is sandwiches and eggs. Make bacon, use bread or eggs to clean up grease, throw some meat or cheese on it, season with bull shit (whatever premixed seasoning sounds good). I like mayo and balsamic on my sandwiches too. That’s my easier than eating out and actually worth eating stuff.


Boil some frozen veg - add an egg if you’re feeling fancy. Throw some instant noodles in when the veg and egg is cooked. Strain. Season to your liking.

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Fried eggs with sliced tomato


I make a no knead pizza which is incredibly easy. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to prepare the dough in the morning. Just mix it in a bowl, cover it and let proof all day.

About an hour before you plan to eat, flatten the dough onto a baking sheet and let proof again. Once you’re ready to eat, just put sauce and toppings of your choice, cook at the highest heat setting on your oven. Should be ready in about 10-15 min.

Best pizza I’ve ever had. Doesn’t compare to the local pizza shops. A lot less greasy also.


Sounds like a lot of work and planning ahead for being “too lazy to cook”.


I spend on average an hour cooking then another hour doing dishes/clean-up almost every night of the week. Taking 15-20 minutes twice in a day then only having to clean basically a pan and bowl is definitely too lazy to cook for me.


Slow cooker stuff if I’m lazy but thinking ahead a bit. Just throw shit in a pot and turn it on. I tend to get big lumps of meat rather than steaks or whatever, so the slow cooker has the added benefit of me not needing to do much cutting. I just do a few big chunks and it’ll be so tender by the time it’s ready it’ll fall apart. Takes longer to put it away in containers than to prep it, then I’m done cooking for a week lol

Spaghetti bolognese is a regular if I need something soon. Little more work, but it’s extremely quick and doesn’t require being in the kitchen for the whole thing. Still makes a ton of meals that keep and reheat nicely.

Roasts are nice if I’m sort of having to impress someone but I’m lazy. You just throw shit in the oven and wait. Occasionally come back to throw in something that has a shorter cook time than the meat. Might be heresy but I’ve never really been keen on the leftovers of a roast though, so one cook is usually only one meal and maybe a sandwich the next day instead of several.

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Throw rice, soy sauce, oyster sauce, onion, potato, chorizo, frozen peas, some spices and water into a rice cooker. Hit go, take 40 min nap, eat.


Rice, sardines, kimchi, avocado, soy sauce, sesame oil.


Mine is probably oatmeal.

Put half a cup of instant oatmeal, some nuts, peanut butter and a banana in the blender and pour some milk.

I usually put in the refrigerator and eat it in the morning.

For sweetening You can also use dates or maple syrup instead of sugar.


Does “whatever is on the Hamburger Helper box” count?

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