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  • reflex,
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    It’s hand crafted in Ukraine and it has a steel sculpture of Thors face adorned on the front.




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  • Chetzemoka,



    Now that is a B1tchin’ cane.


    I’ve been struggling with gout in my knee and ankle off and on. When it gets bad I’m almost immobile and I broke down and finally bought a cane to help me hobble around when it’s at its worst.

    Mine also came from Ukraine and like you I wanted something with personality. I got an oak, ball top style stained cherry and I love it!


    I got one made of holly, with a phoenix feather core. It’s very nice and supple.

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    did you pick it or did it pick you?



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  • jadedwench,

    Physical Therapy! Do the exercises/stretches. If you need to go back and ask a doctor for another round, do it. I get it though.

    Sometimes KT tape can do wonders, but it really really depends. Personally, the best was with knees and arms. I wear a different kind of brace for my ankle, a Trilok, but there are apparently a whole bunch of similar ones now.

    Other times you just suffer in silence…



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  • insomniac,
    @insomniac@sh.itjust.works avatar

    Dude do it. I dealt with chronic pain for way too long and just accepted it as hopeless. I had tried stretches and exercises on my own with no luck so I wrote physical therapy off as pointless.

    Eventually I gave in and 6 weeks in to physical therapy my pain is like 80% gone. I started noticing improvements after a week.

    guyrocket avatar

    A spring assisted, liner lock, pocket clipped, flipper knife.

    It is really useful to have a sharp blade in your hand less than one second after you think you need it.

    @sxan@midwest.social avatar

    Even a small knife is handy. Multitools are fine, but IME I only ever use the blade, and single-purpose knives are better at being knives than multi tools. My favorite knife is a MicroTech 70; I can carry it in any pants without it feeling bulky.

    Flippers are good too; I do like the clean lines on the MicroTech(s).

    @Nath@aussie.zone avatar

    Maybe it’s because I used multi tools, but I can’t relate. At different points about 20 years ago, I carried a cybertool and a Leatherman (not at the same time). In both cases, I used the screwdrivers, very occasionally the pliers. I never used the blades, though. I honestly don’t know when I’d want a knife. Certainly not for a daily carry.

    @sxan@midwest.social avatar

    So weird. The cm the opposite. Use the knife multiple times a day, use a a screwdriver maybe once a month? But, I’m a desk jockey.

    HubertManne avatar

    I had a similar experience. Whats funny is I prefered the little scissors over the knife for most box opening.

    @RoseRose56@lemmy.world avatar

    A small fan with usb port for 10-20cad. I used to get hot in the summer, so I bought a fan, soon after I started using it at night while I was sleeping, and it worked perfect. Point it to my bed, set it to speed 2 and sleep.


    Aeropress coffee maker. $30? Sure I’ll try it. Best coffee I’ve made at home besides a real espresso machine


    A cheap robot vacuum.

    My wife was against it, so I bought it in secret, let it run around the house during the day, and she was amazed at all the cleaning I was doing. A few months later, I let her into my dark secret, and now she loves it too.

    Speaking of wife, I bought her a hooded blanket with an electric warming bag a few years ago. Within 3-5 minutes it’s nice and toasty, and she’s used it practically every day since I bought it.


    I should be the first to get one of these, but I live in a split-level house. Until they can climb and clean stairs, probably not worth the hassle.

    One of these months I’ll get around to using the vacuum I do have…


    Yeah, our problem is we have 4 cats. Vomit and occational butt-nuggets are a thing, and I don’t want that smeared across the foor


    I just bought a second one that can also mop. My old one is now used upstairs.


    Your wife sounds like mine. I value transparency and openness fundamentally, but after a decade of “no” to almost everything, I’ve learned that if I just do stuff without asking, she frequently says, “Oh, that’s a nice idea.” If I ask, however, it’s “not a good idea,” “not now,” “we don’t need that,” etc.


    My QNAP NAS drive. As well as storing all my media I also have various containers running all sorts… My Home Assistant instance, MQTT broker, ESPHome, zigbee2mqtt, Frigate, and Emby to name a few. It does so much for something so small and cheap to run.


    Doesn’t frigate need a lot of processing power? I bought a minipc (€160) with a Google coral (€110) for AI image processing. My synology just couldn’t handle it. I run all my docker containers on that minipc now. Also Home Assistant, mqtt, zigbee2mqtt, frigate. Some other that I like are immich and vaultwarden.


    I only use frigate on a single camera and it’s ok. If I was doing more then my NAS supports an M2 coral. Would have bought one but there was a massive waiting list and now I’ve lost interest.

    protput, (edited )

    Awesome. I also waited a while for mine. I have 5 cameras. The coral is widely available now, but instead of €65 for the usb version I paid almost double. Still cheaper then a graphics card that would do the same.


    I know some of these words.

    @ill_logic@mastodon.social avatar

    @Fumbles Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones. Though I suspect the noise cancellation doesn't work as well. Also it's been several years, I wonder if they make new ones like they used to.

    On that theme: MegaBoom 3 (without Alexa etc) speaker. Awesome bass and volume for a portable, waterproof. Great for bike parties and frankly a shower radio.

    If you asked me 10 years ago I'd probably not expect to love any Bluetooth devices.

    @Carol2852@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

    olight mini led torch. Fits in my pocket and especially during winter months it is so useful.


    Oh jeez… if you think olight is good, check out sofirn or intl-outdoor.com . There is a whole WORLD of flashlights and olight is the laughing stock, my good sir. Go find the flashlight group on lemmy and you’ll never look back.

    But I agree with this guy, my 4000 lumen titanium D4V2 is always in my pocket. Way quicker than fumbling with your phone and provides way more usable light too.


    Please link! 🙏

    @Carol2852@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

    I guess so, but for the price, it’s a good torch that fits my needs. It also has a magnetic back which I used several times to stick it somewhere and have my hands free.

    But this EDC stuff gets expensive and the choices are limitless. Get what you like and what fits you.


    It does get expensive… glances at my $500 of flashlights

    But if olight works for you, go for it. I’ve never owned an olight so I cannot offer a proper comparison, but sofirn has a lot of really good option that are usbc rechargeable, have magnetic tail caps, and are easily 1000-4000 lumens. Sofirn also operates on anduril which is an open source ui for flashlights that can be very complex yet has a lot more versatility.


    Razer Kishi controller for an old Android Phone running various emulators.

    @JoeBidet@lemmy.ml avatar

    Last generation emulation console (A*bernic). All history of video games up to PS1 in my pocket/backpack <3


    Can you share a link? I can’t find an a*Bernic?


    I assume they’re talking about an Anbernic device. If you’re interested in shopping around this channel on YouTube goes into the pros and cons of specific devices.




    I’m obsessing over my Funkey S, Miyoo Mini Plus and Powkiddy RGB30 right now. Retro emulation handhelds are so wicked right now.


    Love my little Anbernic RG35xx with GarlicOS! You can have an (almost) complete library of all games from NES to PS1 on a 128GB card. Total price I paid including upgraded 128GB card was like €50.


    3d printer


    This. Has changed my life.


    Just ordered my first one. Bambu P1S, SO stoked to get it!!

    • boox note3. it’s extremely basic, and i mostly use it to hold recipes, but it makes a great e-reader as well!
    • wireless earbuds. make working out so much less boring!
    • shoe stretchers and shoe stretcher spray. saved me from having to return 2 pairs of expensive boots.

    Wireless earbuds are a game changer


    Mobile telephone. Does all kinds of fancy stuff, it’s even got a torch!


    Pfft… look at this guy… Next thing you’re gonna tell me it has a camera and I can see my grandma in that thing

    jacktherippah, (edited )

    I got a mechanical keyboard for Black Friday this year. So much better than scissor switches. I think I got one with a yellow switch. Feels quite cushiony while still having the clickity clack.


    I’ve have and have had multiple mechanical keyboards, with both blues and browns. I also have the Logi MX Keys S.

    I think I prefer my cheap ass Dell keyboard at the office though.

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