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Valmond, in Thingy 2

Very cute!

Wait, is there that little string parting the sock? Aaaaaaaa


Flip flops and socks! 😱

NikkiNikkiNikki avatar

The best combo :)

Pistcow, in Frog




Thavron, in [Inktober 3: Path] I DO like the sound of "Free Lewt" avatar

I love the fact that the dumb goblins felled a tree to block the road but it fell the wrong way.

Cris_Color, in Distro Hoppin' [Digital Art] avatar

I adore these!! Where can I find more of your art? I’d love to see ones for more distros- are you on mastodon?


Thank you! Although it’s currently pretty bare I do technically have a mastodon. If I post more linux-related stuff in the future it will probably be on there 😚

Cris_Color, avatar

Thanks for the link, just followed you there ☺️ I hope to see more of your cute distro characters! I’d love to see ones for Debian, Fedora, and open suse!

TheTokingTurtle, in Colorful wall art in abandoned house
TheTokingTurtle avatar

Makes me think about all the beautiful art we’ve missed out on just because it was never shared. Thank you for sharing this :)


I’m glad i shared it ^^

Tim_Schabe, in Colorful wall art in abandoned house avatar


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  • unexposedhazard,

    yeah has this all overpowering feeling to it

    1chemistdown, in Just finished this desert painting, would you like to ignore my artwork as hard as Reddit and Insta do :)?
    1chemistdown avatar

    It’s great. Nice use of colors. I’m getting more Arizona vibes, but could easily fit New Mexico too. Well, I’m off to ignore this real hard. Can’t let u/spez win this one.

    Osvaldoilustrador, in Sky wyvern! Ink
    Osvaldoilustrador avatar


    probablynaked, in Until This River Consumes Me (OC)

    would love to know more about how you made this piece!

    zippycat9, in Until This River Consumes Me (OC)

    whoah :0 this is really cool

    Benardsmart, in Marker on photo paper

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    DarkNightoftheSoul, (edited ) in Isolation avatar

    I love this. I can see the fingermarks on the page, distinctive to charcoal and pastel, which adds a sort-of spookiness, an ethereality. I want to say the form of the man’s head and chair were index finger marks. The eraser mark in front of the man and the sort of aura above and behind him adds to this ghostliness.

    I see a man in his chair either looking at a monitor/tv light or out his window. The composition has him literally boxed in, the space feels claustrophobic. It’s like someone cut a hole in his roof and we’re looking down on him, or over his shoulder. Is that single ray of light his hope or his warden, his keeper?

    It’s a mood.

    MINDistortionTV, avatar

    Thank you for your kind words and taking time to leave such a thoughtful comment. Much appreciated!

    Fredselfish, in Marker on photo paper avatar

    Why do I keep seeing this same type of art in here or is this the same art?

    tasankovasara, in All This Rotting Color (OC)

    nice! you are now on my desktop (two portrait screens with one having the wallpaper mirrored). Let’s stare into the radiant void together 8)

    Jax, in All This Rotting Color (OC)

    First, I love it.

    Second, it evokes the same feelings in me as those art pieces done by people suffering from various mental illnesses. I’m not saying this as an insult, I think it’s really cool and would love to read your motivations behind the piece.

    Well done, saved.

    WaliBoi, (edited ) avatar

    It probably evokes those same feelings because a vast majority of my art, this piece included, does revolve my mental illness.

    Edit: And thank you


    Very cool, the best way to thank me is to continue making art!

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