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Begun, the reddit wars has.


Togetha we will devour the very gods


I’m here to support, but honestly we’ve seen this before. Circa 2016 with Voat. Probably others as well.


Hopefully this time is different. This time the exodus is more widespread where voat got populated when reddit started banning nazis, pedophiles and necrophiliacs

Realtrain, (edited )

Voat's problem was that it became VERY political very quickly. Hopefully we won't see that happen again, but I'm sure some of these substitutes will end up that way.

I have a feeling in reality most of them will die out, but enthusiasts (especially tech enthusiasts) will keep one alive, sort of like reddit in the early days.


As I remember it, VOAT's userbase essentially got taken over by Neo-Nazis and/or nazi sympathizers. I thought it was great that reddit had competition and then that happened.


It also appeared right when Reddit started cracking down on ultra-right-wing stuff. I'm sure that didn't help.

This time is power-users/tech people that Reddit has alienated, so it'll be interesting to see how that influences some of these replacements.

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I remember Voat. It's unfortunate it became an alt right hell hole because I liked the UI.

Also, I do agree that this has happened before and it's possible this could just have the same end result but I do think it's different this time. The last time, people were mad but it was for an easily forgettable reason. This time, mod tools are being ripped away from moderators and people are going to be forced to use the site from an app that they've actively avoided.

After these changes go through, every time a moderator tries to moderate their subreddit using only the terrible default tools or a mobile user uses the website through only the ad filled official app, they'll be reminded of how shitty the admins were.

I don't think Lemmy or kbin will reach the same levels of usage as reddit pre-this shit show but I do think reddit will take a huge hit with all of this.


The difference is that this time, they've managed to anger a large part of every demographic. Last time, it was a certain type of person and the remainder just said "don't slam the door on your way out".

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It has been reported elsewhere here, but there's a twitch stream counting the number of subreddits going dark. As of posting this, it's at 2660 out of 6001.

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4346 out of 6934 now…


Happy to be here!


Good to be here!

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I picked a weird time to buy a Mac mini, MBA, iPad Air, and subscribe to Apple One.

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wow 6232 out of 7265 as of now. I didnt think that whole thing gonna get that big.


Anyone know if there’s any iOS Beta communities in the fediverse yet? I’m running the iOS 17 beta, watch OS 10 beta, and the AirPods Pro 2 beta firmware, so it’d be nice if I had a replacement for /r/iosbeta.

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Iosbeta on Reddit has set up a new discord. I did ask yesterday whether they had plans to set up in kbin or Lemmy (not at the moment)

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I think there is one on c/iosbeta if I remember correctly

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This is my new Apple sub. Reddit has been a mess for too long IMO. Even if they were to get their shit together it's too late. I'd rather stay here so hopefully a lot of people migrate and give this a chance.


Anyone interested in news and discussions specific to Apple Vision Pro are welcome at:

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  • dipbeneaththelasers,

    There are custom themes, though I'm not sure how to use them yet. Maybe try this one.


    You had me at custom themes.

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    It's going to be an eerie place tomorrow+


    Howdy all, hopefully this gets some traction, looks clean so far.


    Awesome to see the community growing here. It's already pretty much replaced reddit for me

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    Same. All the juicy reddit drama is reported here, so I don't even have to give them the traffic. It'll be slow while communities develop, but I think we're well on our way.


    Agreed. I was a redditor for at least 10 years. I don't think I'm gonna miss it. I hope kbin takes off.


    I don’t think I’ll miss Reddit as much as specific subreddits. Hopefully the niche communities I liked all make the trek onto the fediverse.

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    Thanks, assbutt
    (Where is the rimjobsteve magazine to post stuff like this? 😁)


    This + setting up a RSS reader is hopefully enough to break a 15-year Reddit addiction. I’m actually weirdly excited, kind of feels like the early 00s again.


    Glad to see this set up! Still figuring out Kbin and also deleting all my Reddit accounts....I have quite a few from over the last 12 years since I started using Reddit. Sad to see the community go but glad there is a federated alternative. Hoping that this grows as mastodon has and more people see the beauty of de-centralized social media.

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    My account on reddit is 14 years old, I started over there when digg went to shit, I hope the same thing happens now to reddit. But it's hard to convince people to exile.


    I think Ethfinance will go dark at 10pm CST

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    Just noticed /r/mildlyinteresting and /r/minecraft went private as well. I've now taken /r/startpages and /r/androidhomescreen offline as well and don't plan on putting them back up unless reddit announces major redecisions.

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    It looks like /r/iPhone has gone private now too.

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