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hal_5700X, in Attack On Titan Final Season Part 3 Part 2 Reveals Release Date as Nov 4 and Teaser avatar

Part 3 Part 2



Part 3 part 2 part 1/8

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Attack on Titan v 3.3.2

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Homestuck flashbacks - Act 6 act 5 chapter 1 intermission 2: the couple pages where you learn about the dreamself ghost pirates at the end of the universe


No way is this unintentional

Deceptichum, in Any Christian anime out there?
Deceptichum avatar

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Probably the most biblically accurate show of all time.

Ultragramps, avatar

Those were definitely some crazy looking angels.

nyan, in Any Christian anime out there?

Anime treats Christianity about as seriously as it treats Buddhism or any other faith, which is to say not at all. There are comedic takes like Saint Young Men, some exorcist stuff like Vatican Miracle Examiner and the priest character in Ghost Hunt, and occasionally someone will take a look at the history of Christianity in Japan (for instance, the Christians Arc at the beginning of the third season of the original Rurouni Kenshin). If you’re looking for something that’s Christian in philosophy, you aren’t going to find it.

IzzyData, (edited ) in Dragon Ball Daima anime announced for 2024 avatar

What I want from a new anime in the Dragon Ball universe is a prequel to the OG Dragon Ball. I want to see Grandpa Gohan, Master Roshi, Master Shen and the Ox King in their younger years with shenanigans similar to the OG Dragon Ball tournaments etc…

GeekFTW avatar

I'd be down for this hard. I want every fucking DB easter egg possible in it, earlier adventures and appearances from smaller characters we haven't seen in years/series.


That would be awesome, but let’s be honest, Toriyama already forgot those events.

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TheAlbatross, in Netflix’s ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Again Proves The Uselessness Of User Reviews


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  • SitD,

    that’s going to cap your bandwidth to what your friends have time to watch… not criticizing, i do the same, but honestly fuck bribed reviewers.

    RickyRigatoni, avatar

    Or just not care about other peoples opinions on things and just watch what catches your eye. If it doesn’t seem interesting by the nth episode just drop it.

    RandoCalrandian avatar

    That’s time wasted and you’re usually manipulated into it anyway with cliffhangers and flashy visuals instead of quality content.

    If something is going to face plant like game of thrones, I want to know in the beginning before I get invested. All forms of marketing are geared toward hiding those face plants to drive viewership, but it’s the only metric people really care about: is this movie essentially longform clickbait that isn’t going to pay off in the end, like so much of the other shit coming out recently

    LemmyNoKiseki, avatar

    On the other hand, pretty much anything I’ve ever disliked I’ve discovered through reviews or mentions online, while nearly everything I liked I’ve just stumbled upon myself.


    Critic reviews are useless because they are largely just ads bought and paid for.

    Also because they usually judge criteria differently. They watch a lot of movies and are looking for things the average person isn’t.

    ashenblood, in why? how?

    It was Dessalines. He has strong personal feelings about anime and especially lolicon, which is why hosting the anime community on is an unwise choice, imho


    I’m surprised their name is popping up. I remember when they were being a douche and messing with community polls in

    ModernRisk, avatar

    How’s Niseskoi considered Lolicon?

    If I remember the anime was about three teenagers and one guy had a lock.

    Question was who had the original key to the lock or something like that. A rom-com romance.


    Read the manga back when I was a teen. Haru was the best girl.

    RightHandOfIkaros, in Whats a series/arc that would make a good movie and make decent money?

    This is kind of an odd question. Everyone will be biased to what they like themselves, but if I have learned anything lately its that the good stuff you think would make tons of money gets locked away forever, and the same mainstream normie stuff is what gets pushed hard and the normies keep buying it up.

    No Appleseed, no Bubblegum Crisis, no Perfect Blue, no Silent Mobius, no Record of Lodoss War, none of the good stuff like those.

    At this point, those IPs have next to zero brand recognition, and the companies that own them see them as too high risk to be worth doing anything new with them other than whatever is legally minimally required to keep the IP and trademarks from becoming public domain. Either that, or they make a live action remake that turns out to be worse than ExARM’s animation quality.

    Cmor, in Any Christian anime out there?

    Bible Black may be worth checking out.


    That’s an… interesting take on the question 😂

    Ultragramps, avatar

    “Hey Meemaw, the internet recommended us a nice Christian anime to see if we like the style. It’s called Bible Black and I trust it so much I’ll turn up the volume and throw away the remote.”

    Their lives were forever changed.


    Or Qwaser of Stigmata! Only issue is that it’s Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but as long as you’re cool with that…


    Think of the Bible, Ned

    dragontamer, (edited ) in Any Christian anime out there?

    You expect a country of Buddhists and Shinto to make a Christian anime?

    There’s Evangelion, which is closer to how we Westerners take Buddhist holy texts and say random techno-mumbo-jumbo in our SciFi stories (ex: Stargate).

    Similarly, Angel Beats takes the Christian idea of Purgatory except it’s all Buddhist / Zen enlightenment based because Japan doesn’t get Christianity lol.

    There is Death Note, where some characters are explicitly Catholic and a few Christian references pop up kind of elegantly. (L washes the feet of Light Yagami for example). I wouldn’t call the plot especially ‘Christian’ otherwise but this does deserve mention as an Anime that at least got the meaning behind the Christian references they chose.

    Digimon Season 1 might be the closest thing to Christian. Kids get powers as they invoke the power of Virtues like Courage or Faith. Two Digimon turn into literal Angels and one of the bad guys is ‘Devilmon’, who was weak to the angel Digimon. Season4 has a fallen angel named Lucifer (well… Lucemon. All Digimon have a -mon on the end) who goes evil as well. Season4 is more random / less elegant with the Christian references as Cherubimom and Seriphmon (angels) don’t really represent Christian ideas anymore IMO.

    But Season1 Digimon was the closest you’ll get IMO

    But this is really rare. Christianity is treated as an exotic religion / weird Character trait more often than not (much like random Buddhists show up in Hollywood to round out a cast or add a bit of exotic flair).

    I dunno. Hellsing Ultimate? Irish Catholic priest is pissed off at a Protestant Vampire who works for the Queen in the 1990s… is referencing ‘The Troubles’ too soon?

    Obviously not a Christian story given the huge amounts of hyperviolence. But the Christian references were at least kinda-sorta correct…


    Evangelion is not Christian, and makes no commentary on religion. The only connection Eva has with religion is that Anno wanted exotic sounding terms, and he borrowed them from Chritianity and Judaism, among a few others. Literally the whole reason there is religious imagery is because Anno “thought it looked cool.”


    It’s quite literally more canonically accurate than Dante’s Inferno.

    fireweed, (edited )

    I’m going to second this opinion. You’re not going to find an anime that’s Christian in philosophy/religious doctrine. There are a decent number that use Christianity as a motif or setting however. Chrono Crusade is maybe the closest you’ll get. Or you can go the Maria-Sama ga Miteru direction, which takes place at a Catholic girls school (but all the characters are lesbians, and it aired in an era when the Catholic Church was very anti-LGBTQ so…)

    Edit: Kids on the Slope has Christianity (or rather, being a Christian in Japan) as a minor theme, and it’s historical fiction so it might be one of the most accurate portrayals of Christianity in anime.


    Chrono Crusade is maybe the closest you’ll get

    Chrono Crusade is a Miko x Yokai adventure story except the Miko is a Nun and the Yokai is a “Demon”.

    Mikos are known to use archery to defeat Yokai. No wait, its a nun and westerners use guns, right? And they meet all kinds of Yokai… like good yokai, bad yokai, friendly yokai. No wait, western culture doesn’t have Yokai, they call them Demons. So good demons, bad demons, friendly demons…

    Nothing wrong with that :-) Switching up the setting is fine but its not especially “Christian” in theme.


    Digimon Season 1 might be the closest thing to Christian.

    When I was 13, the one Saturday morning that my fundie Christian mother decided to make an appearance before noon, Digimon season 1 was playing on the TV when she walked in. As soon as she’d seen three seconds of it, the whole channel was banned on Saturdays before noon (and I didn’t have cable, so there weren’t any other Saturday morning cartoon channels worth watching), all anime was of course summarily banned, and I got a talking to about Pokemon and Digimon being “satanic.”

    It was about three years later on slow-ass DSL that I discovered Kazaa had anime. It took like two days to download a 23-minute episode, but by god I downloaded so fucking much anime that way. It was easier to sneak that than the TV in the family room.

    Kissaki, (edited ) in What are some good, non-harem Isekai's

    I can second Ascendance of a Bookworm that has been mentioned. It’s a very good series.

    Escaflowne was mentioned too, which I found great back when I watched it, but it’s been too long for me to remember. I want to rewatch it at some point. (Like I did with The Twelve Kingdoms which I found much less good today than back when I first watched it.)

    I’ll list a few more and add my rating assessment (ranking as exceptional, great, very good, good, decent, average, bad, …). I ended up going through the anidb isekai category, so I guess these are all I know of, and it’s quite a lot of them considering it feels - as you describe it - like all or most isekai end up with lewd harem fantasies. As for the reason, I think it is primarily business people / production management producing for easy baits and the most generic middle audience - young males. Because of the success of isekais they produce more, and end up with the standard tropes of lewd, harem, and over powered, which very often ruins it. But as the following list shows, it’s not always like that - even for an over-saturated filled category like isekai.

    Handyman Saitou in Another World is another very good one that’s not harem. Great comedy.

    Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions is very different and very good.

    The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady is very good until the ending, where it falls short and forces itself into something bad. The early and mid of the series is great though, with exceptional visuals and vibrancy.

    I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss is good. (Paired romance.)

    In the Land of Leadale is good. Female protagonist.

    Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is simple but heartwarming, overall good within its simple formula. Female protagonist.

    Life with an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout is very good, great comedy with a gender bend/swap.

    Now and Then, Here and There (2000) is great.

    No Game No Life has a sibling pair as protagonists. (Prequel movie is great but not an isekai, the very good series is. Although it has its own share of “lewd service” IIRC.)

    My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World! is only average, but a non-harem isekai as far as I remember and from what I can see skimming through.

    Reincarnated as a Sword is good.

    Saga of Tanya the Evil is good.

    Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement is good. Female protagonist.

    The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is very good.

    The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! is good.

    The Twelve Kingdoms (2003) is decent.

    Uncle from Another World is great.

    Kagami no Kojou (2022, movie) is great.

    If it’s about the boy harem, there’s those series with a female protagonist and reverse harem:

    My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! is good. (Otome-based.)

    The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior is good. (Otome-based.)

    Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke`s Mansion is good. May be reverse harem, or paired romance - I don’t remember in particular. (Otome-based.)

    Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense. is not isekai transported, but videogame playing in world.

    When broadening to fantasy, I rewatched Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit (2007) a little while ago, which has a strong female protagonist, and is exceptional. Definite recommendation.


    Saga of Tanya the Evil may be the greatest isekai of all time. Also the complete opposite of a harem. I’m not sure there is any romance in the series at all, actually.


    Shame that Grimgar is never getting a second season. It is a very cool world.


    I hate that they use the term “reverse” when describing a female protag but I can absolutely 100% recommend Now and Then Here and There. I don’t see the mention of the .Hack series. Sign is by far the best.

    PoastRotato, in What are some good, non-harem Isekai's avatar

    Depending on how you look at it, this might be kinda the opposite of what you’re asking for, but I thought I’d throw it out anyway in case you may still be interested: The Ideal Sponger Life is about a Japanese salaryman who gets isekai’d (willingly and intentionally, for a change) and marries the queen of a desert nation who needs a husband for political reasons but is reluctant to marry any of her statesmen (again, for political reasons).

    The manga/novel (hasn’t been animated just yet) mainly focuses on the political relationships between the nations of the isekai world, and the MC struggling to figure out how to reconcile his cultural differences while also being a decent diplomat for the sake of his nation and his wife.

    Part of that is the fact that MC’s marriage was initially purely political, but he and the queen grow to genuinely love each other. However, polygyny is the common practice in this new nation, especially among aristocrats, so MC is basically required to have a harem of wives, even though he very much doesn’t want any other than the queen. This results in him having to find clever, politically acceptable ways to avoid advances from (shrewd, surprisingly well written) women who want to join his harem to garner power for their families.

    In summary: It’s a political fantasy story that is only technically a harem, and even then it’s not ecchi/oblivious MC/blah, but an integral part of the political intrigue in the story. Don’t know if that’s still a deal breaker for you, but just give the first volume or two a shot. I went in with very low expectations and was blown away with how well the worldbuilding and characters were executed.


    Hey, you’re right! That IS the exact opposite of what I’m asking for!

    PoastRotato, avatar

    Lol had to try 🤷‍♂️

    ram, in Dragon Ball Daima anime announced for 2024

    Trailer dropped YT || Invidious

    paultimate14, in Netflix’s ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Again Proves The Uselessness Of User Reviews

    Pretty standard stuff. A handful of bigots go ahead and review bomb stuff they hate.

    Usually that’s an indicator that the show is really great. Personally I thought the original Castlevania series was fantastic, so I’m looking Forward to watching this one.

    Powerhouse Animation is usually worth watching for the visuals alone.

    pimento64, in Netflix’s ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Again Proves The Uselessness Of User Reviews

    While many people actually just say the quiet part out loud, it’s too “woke,” others code it with the “bad writing, bad characters” claim. The writing of course being the “woke” parts, mainly, the characters being those of color, usually.

    This paranoid lunatic really believes that criticism of a show’s writing and characters is some kind of dogwhistle. The first series of Castlevania was decent, but very silly; it was a 6/10 at the absolute highest. Or, if I was a character from Castlevania, I would say “the first FUCKING series of Castlevania was DAMN decent, but very FUCKING silly and SHIT; it was a DAMN 6 out of BITCH 10 at the absolute FUCKING highest”. It’s not a particularly amazing series and this one is worse, as continuations are wont to be.

    Considering this is a Forbes article, my assumption is that this is a bought-and-paid-for PR statement. Why would you post anything from this corporate rag in the first place, OP?

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar



    And it doesn’t raise red flags that someone was pissy enough over bad reviews to go and publish an entire article to cry that everyone leaving bad reviews is just racist?


    Your reaction was so angry and so strong. It raises red flags man lol

    Oh, give me a break. This is obviously a reach on your part, because if your personality was so blandly milquetoast that you actually think this, you wouldn’t be the kind of person who uses histrionics like you just did. I don’t know what your angle is but at least be internally consistent.

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • pimento64,

    Gotcha attempt: failed
    Tears: wept
    Pearls: clutched

    A real triple threat. Performative outrage suits you well.


    So, in short, you didn't bother to look at the user reviews in question that are full of right wing morons complaining about wokeness?

    My assumption is that you are also a moron.


    Dog shit reading comprehension. I hope English isn’t your first language.


    I never finished the first show but I thought it was cool. At least a 7 for me. This Forbes review is specifically citing the reviews that complained about “modern day talking points” so I don’t doubt they’re at least partially correct. The show is probably mediocre to begin with but there’s also righties getting worked up over it. I guess I’ll have to watch it and see if it’s any good.


    What’s wrong with complaining that a show puts talking points (or however you’d like to refer to the concept) over quality?

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    Why is it idiotic to not like media that prioritizes pushing a message over being entertaining?

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    Just because you want to change the topic of discussion to a strawman it doesn’t mean it’s what we are discussing.

    Besides, you’re the only one kidding around here, making up bogus accusations to discredit criticism


    you just threw out a strawman, got told to stay on topic, then accused the other person of strawmanning your argument because they stayed on topic rather than responding to your strawman


    Lmao I was the one staying on topic dumbass. Read the conversation if you’re too stupid to understand it


    i guess we can add "reading comprehension" to your list of special talents


    Lmao says the dumbass who continues to strawman everything i say.

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    Not clicking on some weird Facebook link


    oh no somebody's using words they don't understand

    give me the definition of a strawman argument, then explain how that was one


    A strawman argument is where they put up a false version of the argument I was making and argue against it instead. Such as pretending I was arguing media should have zero message whatsoever, instead of the actual argument I was making, which was that entertainment should be a higher priority than the message


    ok i think i get it, so for example making the argument be about "shows shouldn't prioritise pushing a message over quality" when that's completely irrelevant to the topic at hand would be an example of a strawman argument, yes?

    also i'm still waiting on an answer for what message the show is pushing


    Jesus you’re fucking retarded


    i think that might be a strawman


    having black people in a tv show isn't "prioritizing pushing a message", you absolute loon


    Nobody said that you fucking dunce


    what message is the show pushing

    teft, avatar

    Name some media that pushes zero messaging of any type. Bet you can’t.

    Primarily0617, (edited )
    • fallout 3
    • call of duty
    • witcher 3
    • wolfenstein: the new order (before the series got all political with the new colossus)

    i can keep going


    Do elaborate on the deep messaging of f-zero

    teft, avatar

    Opulence and excess lead to brutality.


    One hell of a reach there. Anything to actually show it’s an intentional message and not just reading between lines that don’t exist on your part?

    teft, avatar

    Pulled from wikipedia:

    F-Zero begins in the year 2560 where the human race’s countless encounters with alien life forms throughout the universe greatly expanded Earth’s social framework resulting in trade, technology transfer, and cultural interchange are carried out on an interplanetary basis. An association of wealthy space merchants created the “F-Zero Grand Prix”, in an attempt to add some excitement to their opulent lifestyles. When the first race was held, people were angered at the brutality of the competition, due to the various obstacles and traps along the raceway. As time passed, however, they became accustomed to these dangers, and even began to demand more excitement and danger in the races. Winning the F-Zero championship soon became the highest claim to fame in the universe. This period of time is called the “old-school” F-Zero days where the rules seemed non-existent in F-Zero X.


    Yeah, I meant the game, not a Wikipedia article.

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    If you could be bothered to not repeat the same retarded comment as everyone else, the fact he has to cite auxiliary materials for the story is a perfect fucking example of the message not being put before the entertainment. You can play the entirety of the game with none of the message actually coming up.

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    Glad to know you have nothing of value to contribute since all you’re doing is crying over language.


    hey it hasn't stopped you at any point

    ThunderingJerboa avatar

    Honestly it just sounds like you are the kind of idiot who would play bioshock and come out with the that it was just a fun game about smacking people who are in diving suits with a wrench and having super powers. Like its clear you are a troll since you are choosing to pick games that have no in game story then shouting "LALALLALALALALALAL" when people tell you that the fucking instruction manual the game comes with has these themes. Funny part is your argument would make sense if you were talking about other kinds of external material like the whole star extended universe or someone talking about the halo books when talking about the complexity of the universe but this is a thing that came with the game. I'm sorry you either didn't have a childhood where you didn't read the fucking manual that came with the game but I assume you were illiterate when it came out.


    Why do you fucking retarded idiots keep making up even more retarded “arguments” for the same failed point.

    ThunderingJerboa avatar

    Seems your vocab hasn't improved either with time. Come on now, be more creative. You are the type of lad who would throw a shoe at a horse and say you made a horseshoe. Also for someone who wasn't even fussed to watch a whole season of a show (you barely finished an episode) you seem to have quite strong opinions about it and for some reason keep chilling around in a thread about it. I'm not here to say its great, its okay. Just your "arguments" are rather absurd and you choose such a stupid simple series because if you just named a series that does have themes in the plot-line in the game you play your argument of a "forced message" falls apart. Like sure is it a bit on the nose with the "rich are vampires" but are you just blind to the common themes around vampires since dude nobility and the rich have always been subtext associated with vampires. Seriously, Bram Stoker's Dracula. Oh what was Dracula's title? Oh yeah a fucking COUNT.


    at this point just because it's fun watching you flail about


    Seems you’re actually watching yourself if flailing about is what you’re interested in since you’ve repeatedly failed to make anything resembling an actual point.

    Primarily0617, (edited )

    damn just hit me with the i'm rubber you're glue

    but if I haven't made any points, then why have you replied arguing against them?


    teft, (edited ) avatar

    So you want me to point you to an exact moment in the game? This passage is referenced in the 1991 instruction manual of the game as noted in the reference link on wikipedia. Specifically pages 3-4 and 20-28.

    And here are the actual pages from the instruction manual:

    Want to try again with a different media? I could do this all day since all media has some sort of messaging. It’s human nature.


    You’re proving my point tenfold lmao. If you have to go to external media to find the message, you’re making a pretty major reach to say it was the priority of the media.


    you mean the game drenched in cyberpunk art direction has the themes and messaging of the cyberpunk genre? shocking.


    Jesus you imbeciles are reaching hard

    Primarily0617, (edited )

    the people who made the game have literally come straight out and told you what the game is about in its original manual, and you're still arguing?

    you're being given the answers here and still scoring a 0


    Jesus you’re fucking stupid. If you have to go to auxiliary material for the meaning, it’s a fucking retarded argument to say it overshadows the entertainment.


    You don't have to go to "auxiliary" material. You're just not particularly media literate.

    Why would I sit here and try and explain media analysis to you when we have a literal statement from the creators about what the game is about, and you're still disagreeing about what the game is about?


    I get that you’re just a retarded troll but at least pretend you’ve read a single fucking one of my comments before responding to shit I never fucking said.

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    My “deal” is all you fuckers spamming the same disingenuous argument against the same disingenuous strawman of my position. Everyone is obsessed with proving that a message exists despite my point being about the prevalence of the message.

    BolexForSoup, (edited )
    BolexForSoup avatar


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  • MomoTimeToDie,

    How are they incorrect?



    if you're going to do this at least do it properly

    throwing out complete nonsense is just lazy

    teft, avatar

    You have to be trolling. It’s from the game’s own instruction manual. How is that external media? Obviously it was a priority if they put it in the instruction manual as background info for the game.

    Looking at your profile confirms my thoughts. Maybe take the hint when everyone is downvoting you. You’re just a troll. Blocked.


    Again I haven’t seen the show yet but usually when people say that it just means there was a black/queer character and it made them angy


    Lmao it seem you’re usually wrong


    Without spoilers, there’s melanin, gayness, and even character flaws. You were spot on.


    And also low quality writing and minimal satisfying entertainment.


    Low quality? No, not in the least. It was adequate setup for a 3-4 season show. The emotional arcs would have been fantastic if they had been given any amount of time to breathe or if there had been more visible development between certain characters, but that’s not what the complaints are about, are they? What, my good chud, are they complaining about in their reviews? Do feel free to pull your mask off, you’re among friends.


    Sorry, I didn’t realize you were the grand arbiter of quality, selected by the universe to be the one true source of objective judgement on the topic.


    What an absolutely unhinged comment. And to reply to your reviews, there’s nothing of substance said in half of them. I read them, evidently you haven’t. Feel free to keep the mask on, I guess?


    You seriously expect every random person to write an essay describing their thoughts for the reviews?


    Attempting to sound older than 16 seems like a small ask. As does… having a review in your review. Speaking of which, you mind linking your review?


    Lol I bet you’re absolutely furious at nearly every review on the internet if a short blurb about one’s opinion isn’t a sufficient thing to write.


    So you don’t have one?


    No, I’m not leaving a review because I watched one episode, and decided the show didn’t interest me. Like hundreds of other shows I haven’t left reviews on. My thoughts based on what I’ve seen are that I don’t particularly like their choice of what to do with the story, the writing could be much improved, and the animation is alright, but not anything to set it apart.


    The first episode is without any of the characteristics you derided in your other comments. Why did you come to a comment section to argue in favor of negative reviews about a show you haven’t actually watched? That’s a bizarre hobby.


    Weird, I distinctly remember the first episode having both writing and animation. Perhaps I’m mistaking it for something else?


    Anyway, try reading the link before you try and use it to back you up.

    It doesn’t work, everything feels forced and the characters are just stupid

    Looks like the writers are riding the series’ success to write their own fanfiction now.

    and I agree that there are cringe-like dialogues in places and probably too much time was given to characters who did not deserve it, while the main villain was given almost no time and no development

    I don’t understand how many more shows have to be given to incompetent writers until studios decide they had enough. This is not Castlevania, this is disrespect.

    This is a watchable series. But this is merely a shadow of the original Castlevania series. Writing is not that good and most of the villains are one dimensional and hard to connect with. Heroes are sometimes appear as more than one dimensional characters and sometimes not. Hard to connect with the heroes for the most of the time. Story is not adult oriented other than blood, gore and sex scenes. Generally average or below average series that is unable to follow the standards of the original.

    Strayed too far from the source material it might have well just called it something else. It’s literally someone else fanfiction riding off the Castlevania name

    Nothing related to the games and full of bad writing. Makes 90s mario bros film feels like a accurate adaptation.

    The main characters just aren’t that interesting or fun to watch. The writing and pacing is all over the place.

    RightHandOfIkaros, in Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime - Fall 2023 (Anime Corner)

    I am honestly surprised to see Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero on this list.

    Not because they’re bad or anything, I certainly thought they were quite good (except the Turtle Arc, which was also kinda bad in the LNs to be fair), but because nearly everywhere I saw on the internet had huge hate boners for both of them.

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