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A well-meaning rescuer brought what they thought was a baby hedgehog to a wildlife hospital in Cheshire, U.K., only to be told it was the pompom from a hat. Here's the sweet story from the BBC.

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@CultureDesk I have had a giggle but the intent is excellent, hogs out in the day need urgent help especially nippers cos parents can abandon them as we demolish their homes in spring clean ups, and that rescue means going to a rescue. Had to do it myself a few times (but they were real hedgehogs).

CultureDesk, avatar

@JeffMorgan It's such a sweet story — we read elsewhere that the good samaritan took care of the pompom all night, but became concerned that it hadn't pooped!

bloodykneelers, avatar


"It's a little shy."

CultureDesk, avatar

@bloodykneelers 👏👏👏. The idea of the rescuer gently transporting the hedgehog to the wildlife hospital, driving ever-so-slowly, then arriving only to be told it's a pompom would put a smile on any face.

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