now that we have lost f-droid as well, are there some good clients that allow you to install foss apps?

The only one that know is obtainium, but from what i understood it only fetches the latest version of an app and it doesn’t even check if it gets installed correctly.

I’m also i’m concerned about the safety of the apks; i know that trusting the f droid repo isn’t any safer than trusting the builds from the dev, but it would be nice to know if there is any way to check other than checking the code by hand.


Tbh, there are a handful of reasons to avoid F-Droid, all of which existed long before this. AFAIK nothing with the app itself changed as of yet so I’d hold off on quitting it over this.


install droid-ify and activate izzy, guardian, divestOS and other relevant repos


Keep in mind that other reputable repos like izzyondroid still work, fdroid is more then one thing. We wont loose the apps, nor the 3rd party repos, the only thing really “at risk” here is the official fdroid repos.

this isn’t like some closed source stuff, the entire fdroid ecosystem is fully foss so anyone can sweep in at any time and do their own thing while still being mostly or completely compatible

wizardbeard, avatar

And there’s already a bunch of good alternative clients available. I like Droid-ify because it has support for using Shizuku for unattended auto updates when I’m on my home Wi-Fi.


yup, I use the same as well, a lot of people also use neostore. two very good options


I’m sorry but could you send me the link for the official page? Searching for droid-ify gives me 5 different repos…

ExtremeDullard, avatar

We havent “lost” F-Droid. But it’s going through a crisis.

TLDR: two third of the board has resigned over Hans-Christoph Steiner taking controversial decisions unilaterally.

All the details here:


Thanks for the background info. Still not very clear what actually the problem was, but I’d file it under volunteer drama. Working together as a group without clear leadership is hard.

eatham, avatar

I use neo store but it’s just a f-droid client. We haven’t lost f droid yet, by what I can figure out theres one guy taking leadership of the main repo but there’s other repos anyway like issyondriod and you can still use that repo not like it’s broken Also obtainium is only really useful for prereleases of apps cos often they aren’t on f-droid

solrize, (edited )

There’s not a guy taking leadership since in practice he had it anyway all along. A bunch of other people decided they wanted it too, and the formal project structure said they were supposed to get it, but he wasn’t willing to share from what I can tell. So some of the others quit.

In a corporation where people are getting paid, obviously that would be intolerable since those who sign the checks make the rules. In a volunteer project where one person is doing most of the work and others seemingly try to interfere, it’s more complicated and this kind of stuff happens in FOSS projects all the time.

So, idk what will happen but as an outsider I’m ok with just waiting for a while and hoping things work out.


I tried using obtainium but it doesnt’work on android 14, and izzy and the other repos don’t have the apps i use, guess it’s time for manual installs again…

eatham, avatar

You can still use the f-droid repo it’s not like it’s closed source


Wait, what happened to f-droid??


Same question.


The whole community board quit because the project lead is a control freak.

Nothing happened to the app itself, but the future right now is uncertain.

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