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Google Pixel 9 design revealed through 5K renders



Those Gaming phones have nonexistent updates, and others are way less secure than Googles and thus not supported by GrapheneOS.

I switched from a Nokia with unofficial LineageOS to GrapheneOS, simply because I need this level of security to feel safe.

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Noo what did they do to the visor

it looked so good before


Pixel 9 Pro 5K Renders and 360 Degree Video Provide First Look At Google’s Flagship

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Is there no sign of a Pixel 8a?

edit: I should make wishes more often…/1750020625132085631


Eli5, pls!

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... @opensuse Project turns 18 years today in 3,5 hours
also @debian turning 30 next week, was thinking of doing something in Stockholm but signed up to an @android developer meetup at Klarna instead and got busy


Cool, but why is this on c/Android?


looks loke OP unknowingly tagged the android community when he posted in Mastodon

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@MishaalRahman @9to5google @android
have they made Google assistant dumber and dumber on purpose?! I said snacks. It heard snakes?! Even Gboard understands. Hell, even YouTube understands what I'm asking for!
I even tried to retrain my voice. BUT NOOOO😭

I've recorded videos of this happening. Here:

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