[UK] Emergency Social Security Campaigns Meeting – THIS Sunday

Emergency Social Security Campaigns Meeting
Sunday 21 April 2024 3 – 4.30pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 889 5815 6364
Passcode: 069808

We have called this meeting to bring together all those worried by and/or wanting to fight back against the Tories’ current all out assault on Disabled people, culminating in Rishi Sunak’s announcement today with plans to cut access to social security for millions of people.

For anyone who is worried, please remember that some of these changes may take time to roll out and others will only affect new claimants not existing ones.

For accurate information on what the key changes announced this week are see:

Tory plans: PIP no longer always cash, WCA harder to pass, UC migration sooner, no GP sick notes, DWP power to arrest and fine (benefitsandwork.co.uk)

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Apparently kbin does not understand DMs send from Lemmy. So after sending multiple kind requests to stop posting off-topic posts here I have no choice but to do it public now. Don’t take it personal but disability issue and related government regulation are not related to Anarchism as much as I do think these are important topics (but in another community please).

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disability issue and related government regulation are not related to Anarchism

In what world are disability rights not related to anarchism?
How are disabled people organising against their abusive government not related to anarchism?

No worries though, I don't like to be where I'm not welcome, and where my rights (or the removal of them) aren't considered important enough to stay informed about.
Hopefully the mods of at least one of the other anarchism communities aren't exclusionary ableists. ¯\(ツ)

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Anarchism is not about petitioning the government and this community is not your personal soap-box.

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