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Hi I'm Stella,

My main social media is @TheMagicFolf on twitter or u/TheMagicFolf331 on reddit

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I admit it, I have a dirty mind. I write adult fiction, usually in the genres of Sci Fi/fantasy, Mind Control, Cuckolding, BBC, Very Large Penises, Cheating Wives, Futanari, and anything else that pops into my twisted little mind. Some call it #Erotica, some call it #Porn, I'm just writing for the fun of it.

It's all about the sex, beautiful people, big wieners, lots of cum, fun dirty stories!

I sell my novels on Amazon for Kindle, not really for the money, but it does help. avatar


I’m a trans man that is into gaming, baking, law, politics, and anime.


mid-30s working-class trans, queer person. midwestern (US). has multiple disabilities and chronic illnesses. married, polyamorous, happy. wife of; i love cats.

[Profile photo ID] photo of me, a white nonbinary person, showing off my curly brown hair. [end ID]

[header photo ID] Screenshot of Sailor Moon and her black cat. [end ID]


A 50-ish displaced world-citizen▫️Worked around the 🌍 on Corporate IT & ERP stuff▫️#Fediverse :fediverse: explorer & attaché▫️Loves the interesting considerate folk here, cool vibe, no ads or algorithms▫️Authentic, serious, quirky...

▫️#Tech #Recipes #Food #Gaming #Retrogaming #UKPolitics #Cats #Calckey #Firefish #fedi22

▫️Zengender #Trans Gender-Witch▫️Perspectives, selfies, and Judith Butler stuff▫️Finsexual

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Lived extensively over the years in:
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Hey. I run, make electronic music, and write (mostly Tron stories right now).

Technopagan of the druid variety. Pathologically hopeful. Interested in #retrocomputing, #modtracker and #chiptune music, and #furby hacking. Ask me about any of that stuff, #occult stuff, sci-fi, coffee, bass guitar, or fountain pens.

#Tron/writing infodumps over at

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🦇part-time god🦇

​:flag_transgender: :flag_nonbinary: :flag_pansexual:​ :flag_rainbow:​​​

Writer, Blogger
Podcaster, Philosopher
Performer, Space Cat🖖

Non-Binary Trans Fem

Super pale Latix

Star Trek > Star Wars

Skills: Tarot, Sarcasm, Computer stuffs, Looking Hott, Being Awesome, writing, music


Sober and Vegan... but F*#% that cow... I want boots!

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autistic adhd aroace agender nerd who writes code for a living

cross stitcher, lego builder, board and video gamer, baker, 3D printerer avatar


#bread | #tofu | #anarchism | #veganism | #AuDHD | :antifa: :three_arrows: | :Blobhaj_Flag_Ace: :Blobhaj_Flag_Autism: :Blobhaj_Flag_Nonbinary: | #atheism 🌍 | #nihilism ø | #logic λ | Lützi lebt 💛

I hate computers but they don't hate me back 🤖

$ apt install anarchism

  • Please have had previous interactions before sending a follower request, and obviously don't be an nazi, animal abuser, or other asshole
  • I usually use CWs for ("vegan") food, but I sometimes boost #bread / #tofu posts w/o CW. I try to only boost vegan bread. I love bread, btw.
  • Infodumps appreciated 🖤
  • #nobots, no empty profiles

Profile picture description: A circled λ (the Greek letter lambda). The circle has a red border and a beige filling avatar


After surviving exposure at birth, these unconventional academics realised they were destined to found the greatest Ancient Roman History podcast! 🏛📯⚔️ Our main series follows the history of Rome from the founding of the city. We also interview scholars and fantastic people about the ancient world. Dr Rad (she/her) specialises in Spartacus. Dr G (she/her) specialises in the Vestal Virgins. 📍 Dharug and Bidjigal Country. #Podcast #Ancient #Histodon #Historian #Rome #AncientHistory


I'm a UNIX and Security Admin (#DFIR and #BlueTeam), lifelong A's baseball fan, and I enjoy opera and early music. I sing, dance, and act, read voraciously, and plan to keep learning new things for as long as I can. @UnixGeekEm on Twitter. She/her. #BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights


just a regular bird person.

living on unceded Wangal land.

I am an ultra rare combination of being a non-binary person with autism and adhd.

I know we're not supposed to prioritise productivity, but I love to keep myself busy by making things - often elaborate outfits!

Some tags for finding my posts:
Creative things: #AmblyArt
Pictures of me: #AmblyPics
HRT journey: #TheminisingHormoneTherapy


Music writer, historian, reviewer and broadcaster


Trans rights are human rights.


dani, infj, 25, they/them, bisexual disaster. ocxcanon is my jam. feel free to message me to gush about your faves, especially if we share them! icon by @mantabanter on tumblr


They/Them | Gamer/geek | Photographer | small-time Twitch streamer | it's pronounced ZEN-uh not ZEE-nuh |


Hello there! I'm a NSFW artist who specializes in drawing females!

No one under +18 please! avatar


JavaScript nerd.
Author of The Gender Dysphoria Bible.
You might know me as "Curvy and Trans" avatar


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the marvel of the modern age—Electric Pants! In this fabulous year of 2024, we bring you the future of fashion and function combined into one revolutionary garment.

Introducing the Electri-Slacks!

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  • Thermo-Control Technology: Keep cozy with adjustable heat settings.
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Gone are the days of bulky layers and shivering in the cold. The Electri-Slacks are perfect for the businessman on the go, the outdoor enthusiast, or anyone who wants to embrace the electric era of convenience.

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manic trash kobold, sleep enthusiast, hopeless optimist. chronically ill, mad, white, trans, tired. 35, german, in germany.

bad crip, unaccomplished writer, race traitor

I believe in: Black liberation, Land Back, sex worker rights, fat love, anti-psychiatry, disability justice, climate justice, environmental restoration, police abolition, a better future for all of us.

always open to constructive criticism, requests and chats. DO NOT give me unsolicited advice.


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