Redoing my #introduction post ✨️

I'm Silver, a #bisexual, #nonbinary, #transmasc dude-thing. I don't anything, and that's okay!

My main games are 5-fret #RhythmGames, so #GuitarHero / #CloneHero / #RockBand. I also play #BotW, #TotK, #Audiosurf2, and occasional smaller/older games. I play all of them in a mediocre capacity, and that's also okay!

I also make custom charts for said 5-fret games, over on (search my username under Charter), and I have an interest in collecting and modding GH controllers.

I'm heavily burnt out, and I suspect I'm in the #AuDHD club. That's about it on that front 😅

I like #TheMarsVolta a lot. Expect to see them mentioned frequently here lol

Locked for no particular reason. Very likely nothing personal if I don't accept your request. Also, redoing this post partially because of newcomers (Hi!), but also because the last one felt clunky to me.

Stay dangerous ❤️

Edit | Clarifying: I've been on fedi for a bit already ✨️

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