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Hi Fedi, me and my wife, @katculator, are asking for mutual aid to help us post-move to Illinois. As #nonbinary #trans and #queer people, we had to leave #Ohio for our safety. Even if you can’t donate, a #boost really helps!

Upcoming bills include: utilities, rent, groceries, the storage fee for the movers, a car payment, and other miscellaneous.


#PleaseBoost! #MutualAid @mutualaid #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #disabled #TransCrowdfund #TransRefugeeCrisis #Pride

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    @bun @mutualaid I live in Illinois. You and your "wife" can move into my woodchipper. I won't even charge you

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    At first I thought how could you POSSIBLY need 18k for a move, but then I saw it included groceries and saw you three beached whales and understood.

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    @bun @mutualaid get a fucking job…you fat hobos…

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