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Anyone know where I can find pictures of Clitoris-Preservation-Vaginoplasty? (also known as Penis-Preservation-Vaginoplasty or PPV/PSV/CSV). I found a couple people on Reddit, but most image links are dead by now.

Porn is okay.

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Sorry for the multiple posts. Just figured I’d get them all out there when I thought about it and had the time. Trying to update about my experience.

If you have any questions about phalloplasty/my experience, feel free to ask.

#Phalloplasty #FTM

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Very excited for Saturday:

I will be able to start sitting up and walking normally!

I will be able to start wearing regular underwear for the first time. (Finally I will not have the loose front that was always there pre-surgery because I finally have the necessary equipment to fill it out).

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@Melezioh I'm glad you finally be able to wear normal underwear and walking normally on Saturday! Cheers to a successful phalloplasty!


Some sketches i made of Mercedes having some fun with @Zombiate 's girl Trixie with a tasty little friend between her legs.

#succubus #herm #intersex #titjob #blowjob #doggystyle #yuri #hentai #nsfw #nsfwart #lewd #bbw


Herm, one of the British Channel Islands, is remarkably Caribbean. Beautiful, but quite strange to come across.


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Go bold or go home! This herm is thought to date to c. 520 BCE and the smooth surface of the herm body is perfect for showcasing their particular attribute!

📍 Siphnos
🏛 National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Inv. 3728

#PhallusThursday #AncientGreece #Herm @AimeeMaroux

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@phistorians they really weren’t holding back with this one


@phistorians @AimeeMaroux Putin-Ballistic Launching Time Duain Orain Hêmeraphi


Redoing my post ✨️

I'm Silver, a , , dude-thing. I don't anything, and that's okay!

My main games are 5-fret , so / / . I also play , , , and occasional smaller/older games. I play all of them in a mediocre capacity, and that's also okay!

I also make custom charts for said 5-fret games, over on (search my username under Charter), and I have an interest in collecting and modding GH controllers.

I'm heavily burnt out, and I suspect I'm in the club. That's about it on that front 😅

I like a lot. Expect to see them mentioned frequently here lol

Locked for no particular reason. Very likely nothing personal if I don't accept your request. Also, redoing this post partially because of newcomers (Hi!), but also because the last one felt clunky to me.

Stay dangerous ❤️

Edit | Clarifying: I've been on fedi for a bit already ✨️


Ok so I guess I should make an post since I’m new to Mastodon.

I’m an w/ who only recently hit affiliate. I stream and mostly but play a variety of games on my channel.

I’m terrible at social media despite being on it since 2007 lol. I’m trying to find cool people to follow (especially fellow ). How do you make on the internet?

(Did I use enough hashtags?)

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@XenaRathon oh and tragically I'm just plain old cishetero, but other than that I'm ok! 😁.

Some ADHD myself too, but growing in awareness as I help my son out with it

GenX 🧬❌! Not boomer 💥 ok!?

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@XenaRathon Perfect number of hashtags. We find it's worth a post like this every month or two as new people come to the platform. Welcome and a big old 07 to you, CMDR

skye, German

making an for the new people who are looking for people to follow!

i am a from , i am with , , & co and can infodump you about DIY management for hours on end, i use a , i have messed up sleep, i am also very neurodivergent and mentally messed up but i have moved away from identifying myself with psychiatric diagnoses.

i post a lot about my life and random shit, i am in the process of some books (in german, sorry), i am also learning and and i like and basically i am one little ball of and special interests.

and this is what i look like


@transponderings @ashleyspencer i appreciate it but i made my first mastodon account in 2016, i was only posting the introduction so the new people can find me :blobcatfluffowo:




Just thought I'd post a little about me.

Hi, my name is Sage, . I'm a variety streamer on twitch. I'm also an mental health/disability advocate. I have , , . I'm , dabble in , writing

I have a variety of special interest that includes, but is not limited to: , , , , , , , , , , ,


I'm going to help my lovely fiancé get set up on here.

They deserve so much better then the shit she's had to deal with elsewhere, and really think this place is awesome. 💗

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Want a creative texture for your life?
I made a few!
This is one of them and it is so very slick on nearly everything from a to a



My feed is pretty heavy on trans gals (and guys, to a lesser extent) -- which is great, but I'd like to find more and folks to follow.

Say hi if that's you! Bonus points if you like old computers, sci-fi, or are pagan. :)

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@sysop :blobcat_coffee:


Hey, if you're running a conference or being the emcee at an event, maybe don't say "ladies and gentlemen" when you're getting people's attention? I know a bunch of non-binary people in the communities I hang out in, and it's not as welcoming and inclusive as you'd like to be to refer to two binary genders.

Some alternatives

  • Dear friends
  • Esteemed colleagues
  • Hello everyone



Greetings, fellow humans (not good at furry events)

Dearest comrades

Y'all listen up, now


@Emily Nothing will ever beat "GREETINGS, MORTALS".


If you talk to non-binary folk personally about how they experience gender, you'll never stop learning new things about it :flag_nonbinary: :ms_nb:


@kkarhan One must exist, but I dont't have it sorry. It was sent to me 1-2-1 when I was doing a lot of gender identity discussions on trans twitter back in 2019

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@Natasha_Jay initially thought this was a new political compass lol

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