Jorge-C818, in Altersex FAQ

Is it possible to remove penis entirely down to the root and scrotum and embed the testes in abdomen?


A surgeon who does nullification might know.

You should make a full post for better visibility

VegaLyrae, in i dont consider myself altersex/salmacian, seeking worldbuilding ideas from people who do

Maybe they can have a non-sexual reproduction protection niche.

Perhaps they are very strong and thus can protect their clan, or they can provide milk better than the others.

Alternatively maybe their bodies have a divergent metabolism that results in a low-slow burn so they end up being long-lived historians/story tellers/teachers/experts.

Lots of options for switching some things around in the body that have outsized impact in ancient tech level societies that become less important as they modernize.

Chrontius, (edited ) in Altersex FAQ
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Yes. Phallo can be done with or without burial. Opting not to bury your t-dick does technically mean you'll have two penises.

I feel the need to point out that this will leave you with anatomy comparable to the "rabbit" vibrator, which is designed to stimulate G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. As an AMAB penis owner, if I could get an auxillary penis built to match this capability, I probably would, even if I'm dating dudes.

Edit: I've also had to come to the defense of, at measurable personal risk, individuals from the furry fandom who self-identify as hermaphrodites. "Your slur is my identity. My identity is not a slur." was the short form of the argument I made on my friends' behalf.

Chrontius, in i dont consider myself altersex/salmacian, seeking worldbuilding ideas from people who do
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For neutrale individuals, I'd consider something visible like horns, but also giving them functional breasts. They might serve the "gay uncle" role in this society.

FfaerieOxide, in Preliminary investigation into options for phallo w/ nerve hookup in post-vplasty+penectomy patient cohort
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Is this about reversing vaginoplasty or adding an aftermarket dick after turning one into a vag?


Yes, this is specifically for phalloplasty without vaginectomy.

And yes, for people who have had "vaginoplasty classic" and thus are left with only one genital.

FfaerieOxide, in Had Testes Preserving Vaginoplasty about 3wks ago
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Holy fuck, futa surgery exists?

Damned if I'm navigating to that site and I can't find anything on the places I looked but how do they even make the vagina is not through penile inversion?

Is it just a modification of the Luohu II procedure or something?

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The testes were preserved, not the Penis.

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Which is cool it it's own right.

Dig some digging and futa surgery ostensibly exists.


Yes, most people go to but there are more and more providers all the time.


Indeed I will update my post, many people have been asking for more details on penis AND testes preserving surgeries, and in the absence of one of the people who has undergone it reporting in, all I can provide is this link from someone who underwent something similar.


Hi, yes, you can check the FAQ on this Magazine for more information.

But basics:
Yes you can have both
Penis-owner method: add vagina using peritoneal tissue or scrotal tissue
Vagina-owner method: add penis using normal phallo method, just don't remove the vagina

There are some NSFW creators who post their genitals such as

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Assumedly one could keep a penis, ditch the balls and install a vagina as well.

At that point we're not bound by convention, I suppose a person doing that could bi- (or tri-!) furcate their penis as well and have a vagina and two dicks. 🤔

Thinking on it, if a person were adding dicks (arm/thigh skin -plasty whatever) they could attach as many dicks as they had room for.

Oh shit, a person who started out with a penis can grow and sew two more and call their genitals "Cerberus". 🐶🐶🐶


Removing the testes is the typical method of penis preserving vaginoplasty.

Unfortunately I think múltiple penises is unlikely due to blood supply issues.

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I read about one woman who had her testes internalized.
I wonder is testes could also be sewn into labia lips during a vaginoplasty.

What blood supply issues? Not enough veins or not enough pumping force from the heart? Not enough liters of blood?

Veins can be salvaged from cadavers and time and exercise (I would assume) can mitigate the second two.

Like "difficulty maintaining three erections at once" blood supply issues or "Xi died from lack of blood to xir brain" blood supply issues?


Apparently surgeons don't like to embed testes because of making it hard to check for cancer.

Not enough venous supply. Cadaver sourcing isn't used in FTM phallo as far as I know so I wouldn't expect that to be used here either.

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I don't mean cadaver dick to be clear, but salvaging of veins.

"Venous" supply can't be dealt with by adding more veins (from a cadaver, elsewhere in the patient's body, or lab grown.)?

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Pentacle rex?

ananana, in Autologous tissue engineered corpora in Urologic Diseases and Trauma Injury and Penile Diseases - Clinical Trials Registry

there's this one too that's also been in limbo.... at least they care to update it still i guess

miles, in Altersex FAQ
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gorgeous writeup, excited to see there's already a community here for this.


This is mostly a copy and paste from the reddit /r/salmacian FAQ but I hope this space can grow to meet the needs of more than just bigenital people. Who knows maybe even we find a trigenital person.

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ah i should've known lol. in any case, great to see it here so proactively!


To be fair, the reddit wiki is where good content goes to die. This is much more visible.


Should a FAQ be linked to in the sidebar or pinned (if that's even a thing?)? On, it still shows only the most two recent posts, so you can't see this at all.

Edit: now its visible on since there was activity on this thread. Still might be a problem for any instances that federate later.

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