Boston Area Surgery Providers

Are there surgeons in the Boston area that perform PPV (Phallus-Preserving VulvoVaginoplasty)? I have been having difficulty locating any resources in the area that list surgery options beyond the standard binary surgeries. I'm really interested to know if this is a procedure I can have performed locally, or if I will need to...

i dont consider myself altersex/salmacian, seeking worldbuilding ideas from people who do

i'm returning to an old worldbuilding project i made in highschool. the people in it were constructed unnaturally and don't have the same biological limitations as regular humans, so they have 4 natal sex categories: the typical perisex female and male, in addition to an androgynous sex (i call them ambale in my notes) and a...

Cis people and altersex experiences (

Hi, Mastodon! I am writing my thesis for my Master's in Social Work. Originally, I wanted to focus on butch women obtaining top surgery. Now, I want to look at how the trans community navigates/negotiates/pressures the medical community into creating a more expansive view on gender and a less medicalized view of gender...

Terra Kestrel (Derby Girl Cut) ( (

Me: @Impossible_PhD is weird with that altersex stuff like plastic skin and visible joints what is that about? Also me: Why can't I have light-up titties. I really want titties that light up. Also also me: I want green skin like Tendi. Or better, opalescent brown skin with a sheen I can control, that would be cool AF. Also also...

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